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Twitter has been introducing many additional tools to be active with bot trend even though they have not made any bots to support customer service. A new bot has been revealed by Twitter that will not use machine learning as it features new ways to automate the customer engagement. The tool is like a buttons in the messages that helps the users to act from outside their direct message chat. Twitter has given a number of options for using this new tool in the more effective way. With this tool you will be able to tweet related to your bot for interactive promotion. Once you have started a direct message bot thread, the brands can easily get connected with the users on Twitter. There will be buttons that will take your web links into native browser in your Twitter app. This new option is also expected to support the brand to include new followers with their promotion and it will give additional boost to their contest.

The tool will also allow you to begin a conversation using a different profile related to your brand. This can be the best option for those who want to provide a good customer service with different social media profiles. The brands will be helpful with this option as they use separate Twitter profiles for their various products. The users can include 3 buttons in their message which will be used to access the URL within a Twitter app. Brands will also be able to customize their call-to-action text in the button and you can also use the emojis. In recent times, Twitter has revealed a number of new bot tools such as welcome messages, new ads and quick replies that will start a bot interaction. This will help the users to stay connected with the brand and make the brands to use Twitter as major part of customer service option. Twitter is expected to come into a position that will make them more successful in attracting the major sources and they can stay active without using any other options.

One of the major advantage of using the Twitter new bots is you can easily access to major sources without using any special technologies. There are also other social media channels that offer same type of options, but they must be used along with other third party tools. But Twitter bot is really simple that can be more constraint and enable the brands to enter into bot trend during the right time. Adding buttons on your messages will be available for all versions of Twitter applications such as desktop, iOS and Android. Twitter is really taking new steps to attract a number of users to its platform. Mainly the brands will get benefitted with all these additional tools. Twitter will let the users to tweet the score and increase their promotion ways from the direct messages. This will really make Twitter a new experience for the brands.

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Twitter is one of the most used social media network that is known to feature more tweets per second. With the huge number of tweets being sent on this channel, it can be difficult to make users engage with your audience. You can get easily noticed by adding a good impact on your tweets in Twitter by using few tools which can create good engagement.

1. Serpstat- This is a special tool that is available with two new options such as cluster research as well as search questions. The cluster research helps you to find relevant search terms with the help of SERPs in Google. In order to engage more people, you must create unique tweets, so this tool can find other ways to achieve the result. The search questions is another option that can help in creating more engaging tweets. By just asking questions to your audience it is possible to get engaged with them on Twitter and with Serpstat you will be able to look for popular questions with Google suggested results. Whenever you want to write content with this tool can be an important resource.

2. Coschedule Social Message Optimizer- This is one of the unique tool that is available with a number of new options and resources that can be used to create special updates. There is no need to use this tool on all your tweets as you can apply the same rule to all of them. The brands can use this tool to post engaging tweets by training their employees without involving directly. You can also see all your tweets in history and the users can also get suggestions related to new updates that can be used. In order to get more engagements try to maintain your tweets with less than 100 characters and also include an image to make it look attractive. Always compose positive tweets as they are tend to get more engagements from the audience.

3. DrumUp- It is an important management tool that is a perfect option to organize your tweets more effectively. To make the tweets easily reachable to the users more than once you must make sure it features relevant information for all the audience during the day. Tweets are known to have a very short life on Twitter which is 20-30 minutes. You must be able to make the tweet more reachable, try to post few times with the help of a management tool. With the help of this tool you can maintain all the URLs of your post for using it in future. You can also schedule the URL on Twitter few times to go live with the help of an option called as ‘Schedule’ in just a click. Then there is an online editor that can be used to add images to make the tweets look attractive. By adding attractive visual elements in your tweet it will attract the viewers who are not regular to your profile.

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Twitter will be introducing new options for its users which will be part of their privacy options. This is expected to give additional insight about the data used on this social media platform. It is possible to have additional control on all such information and more similar insights will also be collected relevant to your website. According to Twitter, they are expanding Twitter data that will be able to give more transparent access about the information such as demographic, interest data as well as advertisers featuring tailored audiences. All the category of your data will get marked that can be viewed or even modified directly. This important update will improve the oversight of Twitter data which is almost like Facebook Ad Preferences listing.

With these new updates, you can see what Twitter has attached you with also by taking out the irrelevant things on this platform. You will be able to reach content target related to you and provide a good insight of advertisers in Twitter can engage with more audience. Based on your listing, the matches will be very much accurate based on your interests. This is the best way to improve Twitter’s accuracy of finding the data and refining your focus on your ad products. Even though it will be used only by a certain group of people, but it is expected to help them reach a new level.

The users will also get more control about their data that will be used and with the Personalization and Data settings from Twitter will be able to offer a granular control of data usage such as personalizing Twitter experience as well as the information that are shared with few partnerships. The controls will also give more specific customization that will be powered through web connection. Twitter is also trying to personalize their users experience and content in the feed with the expansion of data resourcing. The website owners and developers have been sent the update by Twitter who integrate their tweet content. Normally Twitter will give its users control over such data which they will use more. Those who don’t want to use this new option from Twitter, they can try out other controls to access the same.

All these changes made by Twitter are very much similar to other updates available in other similar social media networks, but they will not be receiving only relevant ads. Twitter’s update will facilitate the use of machine learning as well as data matching that will be able to display more related tweet content to provide more positive results. With the help of these data sources the users will be able to get more refined and improved experience along with your interests related to a number of reference points. This is really a very big change from Twitter that is expected to support them in reaching the next level, but the users can spend some time in knowing what their new update will do.

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The feed algorithm from Twitter highlights top tweets that you are not able to see in the normal timeline and it also mainly focuses on the real-time content. The algorithm in Twitter has been changing which is said to increase the engagement. According to Twitter the algorithm-defined feed is known to work perfectly and it adds the tweets in the timeline. The Twitter users can also see some of the tweets which they don’t follow in their timeline which is due to the feed algorithm. Once the entire tweets are gathered related to your followers, it would engage a tweet particularly for your interest. You will be able to see the high scoring tweets on top of the timeline followed by the remaining tweets. The users can only see the relevant tweets based on the score and the ranked timeline will feature relevant tweets based on your timeline.

The main aspects that are considered while ranking the tweets are much similar to News Feed algorithm from Facebook. The number of features considered and interactions will be increasing based on the behavior patterns. It is important to generate engagement using the tweets and this gives more opportunity to get exposed with the highlighted elements. Even though this is not considered to be much effective when compared to the Facebook News Feed algorithm, but Twitter algorithm give opportunity to expose refining its system. Twitter has been able to evolve its own learning models and understand the user responses in more ways so the tweets can get exposure for the relevant users.

Twitter has been facing lot of problem in recent time with its declining engagement, but the algorithms are able to offer relevant results to the users. The entire tweet timeline will be changed as per algorithm-defined model, but it will not show the most relevant content in the feed even if you fail to notice it. The marketers will get more support with this feature when the algorithms improve after you understand the potential limitations of the tweet performance. Twitter is not known to drive more referral traffic and it recommends good content that can be more influential based on particular niche.

There are many online experiments that have been able to show important potential in improving the metrics in tweet engagement as well as the time spent by the users on Twitter. This updated timeline is expected to support in the increase of audience numbers as well as engagement on this social media channel. The algorithms is said to work to produce good results which will be used on this social platforms even if the users like or dislike them. To know whether a specific tweet will be engaging, this algorithm will consider total interactions in the past or present based on the tweet. Twitter has more simple process when compared to Facebook related to the engagements based on tweets. To know more about Twitter algorithm, it is important to study how it works.

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Twitter has become a major source for the marketers as most of the brands prefer to use it. As it is used by everyone the brands can easily get covered by other resources. There are few special ways that can help you to stay completely unique and easily recognizable by other users on the social media platform.

1. Understand the audience- This is an important step where you have to select particular people who are related to your brand. Try to assess what the customers think about your brand and also get the views about your competitors. Use a particular hashtags in your tweet to attract the most suitable customers on the social media channel. To look for customers relevant to your business, try to search them using the advanced search option in Twitter. Also use some of the monitoring tool to assess you customer’s actions on your tweets.

2. Ask your followers- Twitter is the best place for having a good conversation among different people. You can just get support from your followers in order to promote your brand. Try to create good contents that can attract the customers directly or through your followers. With interesting contents, it is possible to attract the audience and engage with them very easily.

3. Select the hashtags- The hashtags are the best way to attract more people to your content and most of the time people following the hashtags will be looking for good content. To attract more people using the hashtags, you have to follow few simple things such as avoid using the hashtags more than thrice in a post. Also keep the hashtags short and more precise.

4. Time of your tweet- Timing of your tweet is very important on Twitter, so asses the time in which your brand related users are online. There are also various tools that can help to look for the specific time when you can post your tweets on regular basis. Select the tools such as Mention, Audiense and analytics options in Twitter to target your audience.

5. Calls-to-action- Once you have attracted the followers to your post, it is time for them act that can be done with the help of calls-to-action button. The calls-to-action button can be included at the bottom of you each post. Most of the people fail to use this option in their post that will give them less publicity.

6. Sharing images- The images used in your tweet are expected to increase the amount of your retweets. The content used in your tweet will also become more popular among the customers if it consists of an image related to the post. Make sure to use your own images to attract the audience and avoid sharing images from online as you may face copyright issues. You can create the images with the help of few tools and also use quotes based on your brand in the images to make it more attractive.

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Twitter marketing has been an important part for most of the brands to promote their products. There are different brands that like to market their product on various occasions and same things to happen on this Mother’s Day as well. You can use a special marketing strategy on Mother’s Day and Twitter offers new options to increase their campaign response. Those who don’t have any special plans for the Mother’s Day, it is good to follow these steps and mainly the brands to want to start an effective marketing process.

1. Reach to your influencers- This is an important process in the marketing process which is followed by many brands to promote their product. The influencers are people who like to share positive details about your brand and make others see their message to have a huge impact on your product. According to Twitter, influencers are the best option to reach audiences on this platform.

2. Let the users share stories related to their mom- Most of the people use Twitter to share information that can create an engagement. On Mother’s Day, it is possible to engage with your audience by sharing important stories about your mom. You can easily inspire others to send a reply to your post if you share information about your mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day. As per Twitter, this is the right time to make their audience share stories on Mother’s Day in various ways such as starting a contest.

3. Gift options- It is not easy for everyone to get gift ideas on the occasion of Mother’s Day, so try to share options that can be the perfect options for gifts. You can start a post that features a number of gift ideas and this will attract a large number of audiences. This type of options is available on other social media channels, but the same can be done on Twitter to increase your brand popularity.

4. Show your funny side- This is one of the best ways to attract the users on this social media platform. Most of the people like to see humorous things on Twitter and sharing a funny quote related to Mother’s Day can attract more people to your social media. Try to find a relevant angle based on your humor to be more effective in attracting the audience.

5. GIFs in Tweets- Tweets featuring images are known to get 3 times more engagement when compared to standard text updates, but you can also double this engagement by using GIFs in your tweets. There a number of tools available to create GIFs related to your post and attract the audience very easily. Avoid using GIFs on every post and use most popular GIFs on regular basis. Using videos in your tweets are also known to get more engagement than the GIFs, but it is not easy to produce attractive video contents so GIFs can be the best option for everyone.

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Twitter has made a big announcement that they are not just about 140-characters as they are moving a step further with live video. Twitter is trying to look for information like the things happening in the real-time with millennial audience as most of them have already away from traditional TV. According to a report, more than fifty percent of Americans in between the age of 18-29 use online to get the contents than using the standard TV network. There are also few Millennial who have already set up ad blocker on their device that makes them difficult to reach demographically. Mainly on Twitter those who logged-in live are below 25 of age are more and video ads on Twitter are noted to be 2 times memorable than other ads on similar sites.

The advertisers will also be helpful to Twitter in reaching their major audience with the recently revealed In-Stream Video Ads that is expected to provide pre-roll as well as mid-roll ads. Twitter also announced that they are going to partner with 16 streaming videos channels to support them in live-streaming 24/7 which would include a major move of showing 800 hours video content served for about 45 million viewers. The live video concept from Twitter has already been positive as they showcased pre and post shows of Oscar that featured more number of unique viewers. There was also another deal signed by Twitter that is NFL’s game which was later on cancelled. But Twitter announced another deal with NFL where they will show live programs daily with NFL analysts discussing about NFL news and on-demand highlights along with Periscope streams live before kickoff.

Twitter will also live stream the women’s sport WNBA as they will be broadcasting about 20 games in next 3 seasons which will not be telecasted on TV. MLB as well as PGA will also continue their deal to feature Twitter content such as 360-degree video in The Players Championship. Twitter will also be broadcasting 1,500-hours eSports content covering most of the key events including eLeague semifinals as well as finals. Apart from these agreements, Twitter has also signed another deal with Bloomberg to live stream their contents 24/7. BuzzFeed News has already been hosting a number of events such as morning news on this platform and they will also report on latest tweets as well as memes.

Twitter will also stream a pre-show as well as behind the scenes of MTV Movie and TV Awards. They will also stream BET Awards, IMG Fashion Week, MTV Video Music Awards, Live Nation concerts, etc. All this steps from Twitter will easily attract the Millennial who have turned online to get all the information without staying in front of TV. The advertisers will have a great chance to reveal their products through these broadcasts as they can easily target the audience.  The streaming deals from Twitter provide great opportunities for the social media users well as their partners to reach a new level.

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Twitter is one of the main social media platform that is active on regular basis. There are a number of things that can be achieved with the help of Twitter for both individuals and the brands. The following are few important things that can be done on this social media platform.

1. Sharing contents- Twitter is mostly used to share contents from various sources. It is possible to attract more engagement from different users by curating the content. You can just share a link of the post from other sources which will consume more characters, but now the character limit has been removed so it is possible to share a bigger link of your shared post.

2. Twitter contest- With contest you can easily attract the people relevant to your brand. It will also increase the number of followers for your Twitter profile. Also share an image of your product that will be promoted during your contest. Make sure to use the hashtag related to your campaign during the contest as it will help to get mentions related to your brand.

3. Twitter discussion live- In Twitter you are also allowed to have a live discussion related to a particular event. You can easily reach the audience directly through live discussion on Twitter related to a topic. Start tweet chats related a particular topic and invite users to join into the conversations which can be a perfect option to share your thoughts.

4. Twitter polls- This is known to be the best way to get your audience engaged with your brand. You can ask for suggestions related to your brand with the help of Twitter polls. Try to get complete feedback about your brand and even raise funds through Twitter polls.

5. Connect with social media channels- Twitter also allows you to share content from various social media channels. There are a number of social media platforms that are available online and you can share content to Twitter with their applications. Try to embed your social sharing on your website which will help the users to know the channels they can get your engagement.

6. Branded content- You can do this by sharing a visual content related to your brand as it can get attention from the users on this social media platform. While doing this try to include a logo related to your brand and make sure that your visual are really interesting as well as attractive.

7. Twitter lists- Try to use this to categorize all your followers in a particular group and even subscribe to other Twitter lists developed from others. Try to create public as well as private lists, but make sure that your public lists will be available for all Twitter users.

8. Regular posting- This is really important as you must be consistent in posting the content on Twitter on daily basis. You must stay active to attract attentions from your followers and other users on this platform to increase your engagement.

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Twitter has revealed its Q1 results which show the new active users on monthly basis. The users growth is also been increased on daily actives that saw an increase of 14% year-over-year. Twitter has been mainly concentrating on live-streaming to attract more users that has been really helpful in the increase of users. Even though the number of increased users is very less when compared to other social media networks, there has been an increase in its users. Twitter has revealed its accelerated growth for its refined focus based on the current trends on the social media. There has been an increase in Twitter’s timeline algorithm and various changes have been made to display the tweets by the users.

Twitter has made a specific note of about its latest Explore tab that was replaced in place of the Moments options and the people who are using this Explore tab are considerably more on daily basis. According to many reports, Moments was replaced with the Explore tab as it failed to attract more users. Now Twitter can make Explore tab for showing live-streams that can keep the audience easily engaged on this platform. Twitter was able to cover 450 events in its Q1 with 800 hours live video and attracting 45 million viewers.

As per Anthony Noto, Twitter COO they are trying to live stream 24 hours and 7 days in a week with the apps as well as website. Twitter is using small events to keep the audience attracted and targeting increased advertiser. In Periscope, Twitter was able to stream 77-million hours user based live video content and the usage data on Periscope has been reduced when compared to other similar networks. Twitter has been simplifying its product portfolio with new learning techniques in its ad options that was able to give higher ROI to the advertisers with an increased engagement rates on ads. Video has been playing a major part on Twitter with its new ad format as they were also successful in launching new mid-roll video ads. In recent times Twitter was also successful in introducing new options to deal with trolls and abusive accounts.

When compared to the last years Q1 results, Twitters present report has been really promising. Even though there has been a decrease in revenue which was as expected, there has been an increase in its user growth with its additional options. Twitter still remains an important platform for many users to get engaged and this mainly helps the brands to attract more customers. The increase in Q1 has been really slow, but there is an increase which really shows that people are really interested in the changes made by this social media channel. Twitter is expected to introduce more options to make the network really useful for the new users. All the efforts made by Twitter to keep the users engaged has been working and we can expect more better results in the nest quarter.

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Those who are new to Twitter must be aware of few important things to make their presence effective. Twitter is normally used for sharing contents with the audience which can be viewed by everyone and not like other social media channels. It is also possible to reach to different people on this platform including your favorite celebrities or sportsman. Tweets will normally appear on top of the old ones. Tweets can feature an image, link or even videos depending upon the user’s interest. Earlier you were allowed to use only 140 characters, but now users can use more words based on their tweet. Most of the people will not have an idea how to tweet and how will it appear in their Twitter page. Just follow these steps to stay effective on Twitter.

1. First create Twitter account by visiting the website and select the name that can distinguish you from other users, but use only genuine names. You can start your account as anonymous and even add name on later stages as it can be changed. Then select the username which will be based on your profession.

2. Next you have to enter the mobile number which is important to use your account in case you lose its access. Also select the image for using in your profile and read the instructions from Twitter before using the photos that are not related to your profession.

3. Now you must create your bio which feature where you live, work and other information about you. By reading this the audience must understand what your account is all about and also add background image on top of the Twitter page.

4. Start following the people whom you are aware personally and others whom you like to admire. Twitter can help you to create a set-up wizard that will help to continue using your Twitter account. Those who want to take wizards help can do it easily as it will suggest few Twitter accounts to follow related to your interests. You will also get suggestions from Twitter wizards like whom to follow that can be seen in your website or in the feed if you are using the app.

5. Now you are allowed to use more than 140 characters, nut make sure to use only short tweets. Most of them on the social media platform like to see only short contents. If you think that content is really interesting and can attract most of the audience, then use how many words you want.

6. You must tweet at least two times in a day to attract the audience and don’t forget to use images or videos in your tweet which are the best sources to keep the audience engaged. Try to share a link as well which must lead to your post outside Twitter. Include hashtags in your content which are best known for starting a bigger conversation and hashtags will help to see all the posts related to it.