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Most of the Twitter users normally use a mobile device to keep in touch their followers. There are few ways to optimize the Twitter profile specially for the mobile phone views. By following this you will be able to make you Twitter more friendly to the mobile users. According to report, more people use Twitter […]

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In the present day most of the people would like to access their social media platform in the Smartphone and tablet. The number of people who are using other sources to use social media is very less compared to them using mobile devices. You can easily make your post interesting by adding attracting visual in […]

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Twitter is considered to be one of the best social media to develop the brand name apart from connecting with various people. This is a perfect place to curate content and share it on the platform to get more followers that can increase their reliability. But to achieve all these things you must do some […]

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Twitter is one of the best customer service providers when compared to all the social media platforms. Most of the customer service requests happen in Twitter which also increases the Tweets made by the users to a brand related to a particular product or service. Twitter is normally known to support in providing real-time service […]

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Twitter has included a new feature to its special tool TweetDeck known as build live-stream viewership. This live-stream notification will help the people who have a great Periscope streams and Twitter will send a notification whenever they get live. Twitter has announced few important details about its live content which includes NFL, Bloomberg and more. […]

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Twitter has been playing a very important role in everyone life in the present world. In the last few years, the social media giant has made lot of improvements in their features. They have some of the most important changes in their features that can support the users to get most of it. Make a […]

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In recent times, Twitter has been facing tough competition even though the growth of the new user has been average. This has made Twitter to revive itself to move ahead on this social platform. Here are few things that have been made by Twitter to boost themselves. 1. Simplify and improve the product- There has […]

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Twitter has been focusing on the challenges faced by many brands and about half billion tweets have been sent on daily basis in this social media platform. Twitter is one of the place where you will be able to get real time news and event coverage. The brands have been mainly using Twitter to get […]

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