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Breaking news are very important on the social media platform as it can easily generate more audience to your account. You must know what type of breaking news can be shared through your Twitter profile which must really be exciting as well as creative. It is always effective if you share a trending topic by […]

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IFTTT applets are the best option to automate all your social marketing process. By doing this you will be able to spend time to connect with the right audience. The IFTTT allows to create applets with which you can start your automation process. To start the automation of your marketing process, just follow these simple […]

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Twitter has made some changes to its search results and the way it displays the results. Till now we were known that search results in Twitter were shown in reverse chronological order and it has been changed to display by relevance. This important change is expected to be happening in search results in the previous […]

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The announcement for closure of Vine app was made by Twitter last October and there were lot of discourage from most of its users. Some of them also expected Twitter to update this video app than just closing it completely. Although there were many speculations that Twitter would not close Vine actually and would be […]

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Most of the businesses use various methods to market their product and one of the best way that can bring more traffic is using videos. The videos are the latest technique of attracting more traffic for your business through the social media platform. There are special ways that must followed while using videos to promote […]

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Most of the people will use various methods to bring more audience on their posts on the social media network. One of the best ways to attract the audience is through videos. In order to make the audience view your video, you must include an attractive thumbnail which must have the potential to attract more […]

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Twitter is one of the most important platform that helps to get information related to various sources. It is easy to manage all your feed in Twitter related to a topic which is not possible in other social media platform. There are no special limitations in Twitter while engaging with other people whom you follow. […]

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Twitter has been facing a lot of issues with online abuse on recent times and the company has failed to provide a better solution for its users. Now Twitter has introduced a new safety and privacy guidelines to all the users. The content posted in Twitter is available for public view which is not the […]

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