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Social media has been the best platform to get trending information related to various topics. Most importantly social media like Twitter has been introducing new updates related to their platform. In this update Twitter has started to loop its short videos automatically after its Vine app got shut down officially turning it into Vine Camera. […]

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Twitter has been known to be the most referred social media channel, but the problem is it has been used by only few people. But Twitter never fails to introduce new features due this problem as it has introduced another new option called as Explore tab where people will be able to find best tweets […]

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In the present day many businesses like to sell their products through social media, but you have to select best source to do this. One of the best ways to make your marketing process success is by adding a video to your content on the social media. It is very easy to make people understand […]

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Many people like to maintain WordPress blogs by posting new contents. There are different types of WordPress plugins that are available for using it in your blog to make it social friendly. You can install WordPress plugins very easily to use social based functions. The following are just plugins available especially for the social media […]

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Social influencers are best part of the social media networks and support in promoting the product. It is not easy to find the best social influencers on the social media as you must follow a proper method to it effectively. With the help of social influencers you will be able to share the brand details […]

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Social media has been the best place to sell different types of products to various kinds of people based on their interest. But you have to follow a proper method to attract more sales through the social media and encourage people buy product online. Social media is the latest places for online buyers and most […]

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Live tweeting can be the best option for those who want to share their important activities on daily basis. If you want to share really important event in Twitter it can be time consuming, so instead you can just go live. You can also get some good feedback once you start the live tweeting process. […]

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Twitter Moments can be the best option to collect trending tweets as well as news stories on the social media. It has been used only by Twitter to discuss about trending stories. This unique feature can be used by all Twitter users to make their own moments using tweets. It is one of the best […]

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