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There are few important trends that can help to make your business perform better and you will also know how the audiences are making use of social media to reach your brand. Some of these following trends are really interesting that can help to understand your consumer on the social media platform. 1. Twitter with […]

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Do people on the social media platform are aware of your existence, there are ways to do this in the most professional way. There are special apps that can be used to control your social media profile in the more effective manner. Most of the people have been finding hard to maintain their profile in […]

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Remarketing of ads in Twitter can help you to achieve more leads without spending too much money. In Twitter you can use the Twitter cards as well as ads to remarket it to your present customers. Remarketing is the best way to make the people to purchase your product by engaging with your service. The […]

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Emojis have been used to display various emotions, but it can also be useful for social marketing. Most of the brands use emoji to reach the audience to make the marketing process more creative. In Twitter emojis have been used by many individual and business account holders. There are different ways you can use the […]

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Social media ads can be the best method to get more engagement on this platform, but using videos in your ads can help in a great way. According to a report, many customers like to watch video related to a product when compared to the people who want to read about the products on the […]

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Social media platform has been one of the most used among many users all over the world as anyone can voice their own opinions. But now even the brands have bee using this platform to express their views to attract more customers. The year 2015 was known to be the year for positivity and the […]

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The Q4 results of Twitter for the year 2016 have been released which shows there is increase of 2 million active users monthly, but there is also a decrease of advertising revenue year-over-year. There is slight increase of audience when compared to the Q3 results of 2016. Last year Twitter was able to include 14 […]

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Twitter users have been facing lot of trolls and abuse which has caused few problems for this social media channel. They have been following different techniques to handle this problem by introducing new tools. According to Ed Ho, VP of Engineering in Twitter, they will be introducing new tools that would help to handle the […]

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