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Twitter has made one of the important change in its 140 character count where it will no longer consider @names as words. This new update will help the users when they are replying to a field over the message. According to a report, this will help the users to understand Twitter in a more simple […]

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Twitter has been trying different things to improve their revenue performance and the new option is the pre-roll video ads can be seen on Periscope. The pre-roll video ads are available on this platform with minimum features and now Twitter is planning to add live-streams. According to Twitter, the Periscope videos ads will be used […]

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Chatbots can be the perfect option for marketing your brand and increase customer support. This is the best way to make your consumers respond easily to your marketing process. The chatbots are the right solution for brands who want to start their brands marketing process and you can easily provide customers service without the help […]

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Using a quality video content on the social media channel can help to attract genuine audience. So to create a good video content there are few things required. 1. Select a camera- This is the first step while creating the video content for your marketing process. Now you have better cameras on smartphones that can […]

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Live-streaming can be used as an important of social marketing strategy. The video used on live-streaming is considered as a content on various social platforms which has capacity to attract more people. Twitter has been giving additional preference to make live content more attractive for the viewers. There are few things that must be considered […]

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Twitter had introduced a tool known as Media Studio last year with which the users were able to access images and videos tweeted through the dashboard. The Media Studio also helps us to create as well as schedule the tweets directly using this tool along with various team collaboration features. This tool was limited for […]

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Moments analytics from Twitter has been introduced which is considered to be an interesting tool that can be used to see the stats related to the Moment created by the user such as likes, opens shares and more. With all these options the users will be able to see how their Moments have been performing. […]

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Few months back there was an announcement from Twitter’s Ed Ho, the VP of Engineering that they are taking a big step to stop abuse on this platform. The first option in dealing with this problem was not so engaging even though there were new tools introduced such as temporary restrictions and hiding abusive contents. […]

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