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Twitter is one of the main social media platform that is active on regular basis. There are a number of things that can be achieved with the help of Twitter for both individuals and the brands. The following are few important things that can be done on this social media platform. 1. Sharing contents- Twitter […]

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Twitter has revealed its Q1 results which show the new active users on monthly basis. The users growth is also been increased on daily actives that saw an increase of 14% year-over-year. Twitter has been mainly concentrating on live-streaming to attract more users that has been really helpful in the increase of users. Even though […]

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Those who are new to Twitter must be aware of few important things to make their presence effective. Twitter is normally used for sharing contents with the audience which can be viewed by everyone and not like other social media channels. It is also possible to reach to different people on this platform including your […]

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As a marketer you must share an engaging content on the social media platform to reach relevant audience. Contents are the most effective way to attract the audience and achieve your target on the social media. There are many ways that can help to deliver a good marketing content. 1. Reason to use social networks- […]

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Twitter bots are the perfect option to automate your posts and even follow more Twitter users. The bot will normally run at the background and it can automatically retweet your tweets to match a particular criteria. It will help the Twitter user to tweet a specific phrase that helps the brand to create auto-reply bot […]

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Twitter ads have been the most used source by the brands on the social media platform. According to Twitter, most of the advertisers generate more success with ads without using the hashtags. Here are few interesting things that can be used to make your Twitter ads really useful. 1. Highlight the importance- You must make […]

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Most of the brands like to respond to their customers through social media networks, but they may not reply to the message in time. Some of them will just waste their time on the social media platform and fail to achieve the expected results. There are few steps that can help to react to your […]

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Sharing content through blogs can get more engagement and in the same way you can attract the readers through social media channels also. It will be easy for your audience to see your content on both social media and blogs. There are few add-ons that can be used in your blog to achieve good engagement […]

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