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Twitter has been introducing many additional tools to be active with bot trend even though they have not made any bots to support customer service. A new bot has been revealed by Twitter that will not use machine learning as it features new ways to automate the customer engagement. The tool is like a buttons […]

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Twitter is one of the most used social media network that is known to feature more tweets per second. With the huge number of tweets being sent on this channel, it can be difficult to make users engage with your audience. You can get easily noticed by adding a good impact on your tweets in […]

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Twitter will be introducing new options for its users which will be part of their privacy options. This is expected to give additional insight about the data used on this social media platform. It is possible to have additional control on all such information and more similar insights will also be collected relevant to your […]

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The feed algorithm from Twitter highlights top tweets that you are not able to see in the normal timeline and it also mainly focuses on the real-time content. The algorithm in Twitter has been changing which is said to increase the engagement. According to Twitter the algorithm-defined feed is known to work perfectly and it […]

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Twitter has become a major source for the marketers as most of the brands prefer to use it. As it is used by everyone the brands can easily get covered by other resources. There are few special ways that can help you to stay completely unique and easily recognizable by other users on the social […]

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Twitter marketing has been an important part for most of the brands to promote their products. There are different brands that like to market their product on various occasions and same things to happen on this Mother’s Day as well. You can use a special marketing strategy on Mother’s Day and Twitter offers new options […]

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Twitter has made a big announcement that they are not just about 140-characters as they are moving a step further with live video. Twitter is trying to look for information like the things happening in the real-time with millennial audience as most of them have already away from traditional TV. According to a report, more […]

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