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As a marketer you must share an engaging content on the social media platform to reach relevant audience. Contents are the most effective way to attract the audience and achieve your target on the social media. There are many ways that can help to deliver a good marketing content.

1. Reason to use social networks- First you must decide your target on the social media channel and why you want to use it. The most important thing is create your own community to engage with your brand and you have measure few important things to be more effective such as the people in your groups, video engagement and questions asked by the members on the group. The most important reason for using the social media channels by the brands are they can create awareness and boost engagement which is an important part of the business.

2. Select the social media network- Avoid using all the social media channels in the beginning to engage with the audience. Try to assess which is the best social media channel to get access to the people related to your product or service. Twitter is one of the social media channels that has a record active users and most of the engagement happens only through mobile.

3. Choose a topic- This is an important part of your content as you must know which topic would attract the audience to your social media channel. The content must be relevant to your topic as well as your brand name. Try to do a research on the social media platform to know what type of content can attract more audience, but make sure it is based on your product or service. The best way to know which topic would bring in more audience, try to assess your competitors and follow them to what works best.

4. Schedule your plan- Select the keywords for using it in your topic and schedule them accordingly to reach the audience. First you must introduce your topic and divide the content in different forms. Create your content plan that can help you to reach the audience perfectly. After this you will have a complete schedule to know what type of contents to be shared at what time.

5. Use social media regularly- You have to stay online with your social media channel on regular basis which is also very important. By just sharing a valuable content will not get you the audience required to promote your brand on this platform. Stay in touch with the fans or followers on daily basis of possible and encourage others to have conversation by sending a tweet to them.

6. Manage your progress- This will be the last step in your marketing strategy where you have managed the progress of your engagement with the audience. First look for the number of people you were able to reach with the content and number of successful engagement you had before looking for conversions.

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Twitter bots are the perfect option to automate your posts and even follow more Twitter users. The bot will normally run at the background and it can automatically retweet your tweets to match a particular criteria. It will help the Twitter user to tweet a specific phrase that helps the brand to create auto-reply bot which will help the users to responds automatically when you get mentioned on Twitter. It is very easy to create the Twitter bots on your own and configure it. The automated bots are very much attractive for the users on social media platform as they are being used on regular basis by the users. The advantage of using the bots can really engaging if you use it in the right way and it can save lot of time for both the business as well as customers.

1. First you must create a Twitter account to work like a bot and sign-in to create your app. Select the name for your app and a description along with the URL. Now you have to select the option Modify App Permissions in the Application Settings. Then change your access level as per your wish Read and Access Direct Messages.

2. Next select the Keys and select Access Tokens tab to create the Access Token button which will start generating your Consumer Keys as well as Access tokens which will be used further.

3. Now you must visit labnol.org/bots to access your Twitter bots app to authorize your bot. Then edit values of the Consumer Key, Access Token, Access Secret and the Consumer Secret which were generated during your previous step.

4. Try to specify your search phrase to the bots which will make the app to find all the latest tweets related to the search phrase to get them processed individually. With the standard version it is only possible to process the search phrase only once in a time and to process about five bots at the same time you have to purchase a premium version. Now select the option create to initialize your Twitter bot which will automatically start running at the background.

But there is one disadvantage about the bot as Twitter TOS does not support automation. In case you want to test your bot, try to do it with a test account. Try to use the search operators on Twitter to find the selected tweets to use in your bots. You can also use other ways to filter your spam tweets in the search results. In case of changing Twitter username, try to create auto-DM bot to your already existing account and make the followers understand your new name. When the users are offline at a particular time, they can just create replies to suggest delayed response from your account for your followers. Twitter is also trying to update its bot system particularly based on people using this feature and it is expected to additional feature related to the standard queries.

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Twitter ads have been the most used source by the brands on the social media platform. According to Twitter, most of the advertisers generate more success with ads without using the hashtags. Here are few interesting things that can be used to make your Twitter ads really useful.

1. Highlight the importance- You must make a note of urgency that you Twitter ad is going to process. There are few techniques that are used by the brands get immediate action from the users. Give a simple option for the users to go through your ads by using options like sign up, limited time and more. This is one of the best ways that is known to generate best response through ads during all these years. The same technique is useful for your Twitters ads as well as you can create psychological response among the audience on this social media platform that can improve your ad performance.

2. Offer discounts- According to Twitter most of the users like to select the tweets that features discounts mentioned in percentages. It is another technique of making your audiences select the ads that is able to give impressive results when compared to other features used in the Twitter ads. The brands must be able to get the attention of users very quickly as the tweets will be flowing very fast.

3. Use the word free- Most of the people like to get free service or products and based on your target you can offer the audience. But to attract the users to select your Twitter ads, try to the work free in your tweet which is the best way get the user attention. The word free can to attract the user attention while going through the tweets and you can include the word in your Twitter ad as well as link of your tweet.

4. Don’t use bad hashtags- Using hashtags have been known to offer best traffic to your the posts on Twitter. But you must select the best hashtags that can attract the audience and avoid using bad hashtags that are distracting. The hashtags are known to link to content on your post and it mainly used to get more engagement. Those who want to make their audience to reach to their website or follow their account, avoid using the hashtag. The hashtags are known to give more exposure to content, but there are lot of similar hashtags going around on Twitter which will give a miss to your targeted hashtag. The better way to avoid the hashtags is by using call-to-action button which can be the best option.

5. Question your audience- This is one of the most effective ways to keep your audience engaged. Just ask a question to your audience and they will start answering which start a two way conversation. But you must ask a question that can attract your audience and it must also be related to your brand.

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Most of the brands like to respond to their customers through social media networks, but they may not reply to the message in time. Some of them will just waste their time on the social media platform and fail to achieve the expected results. There are few steps that can help to react to your customer in time and avoid wasting time on the social media channel. Try to use the social media channel and assess the way you have spend your time on this platform. Try to be active with your social media account and act accordingly to attract the audience. In the beginning your will only get little exposure to your business, but slowly you will get a wider presence and increase your online visibility which will give your business a big support.

1. Set up your target- The most important reasons for users wasting time on the social media channel is due to lack of target. Take your own time to assess the audience on the social media and know how to reach them in the right way. Also know how to use the social media platform to make most out of your business. Avoid using social media without deciding about your objective as it will help to create your social presence on this platform.

2. Using social strategy for business- Having a strategy for your business to perform well on the social media is very important. You can easily get misplaced if you fail to have a business strategy to maintain your social media network. Most of the brands normally use blog as an important source of their social media channel. You will be able to convey your message to the audience on the social media platform with the right strategy. Make sure to use your own strategy to attract the audience than using other brands ideas to promote yourself.

3. Show your presence- You must always maintain your social presence in the right way on this platform and you will be able to get good contents to share it with your audience to be keep them engaged. Select the right content to show your presence on the social media platform which can help to achieve more with your marketing strategy.

4. Decide your business objective- There are various brands that try to use social media platform to promote themselves and fail to achieve big. Try to select the best objective for your business and stay focused in it. With the marketing strategy on the social media network you will be able to develop a good relationship with audience related to your market.

5. Select your social media place- There are a number of social media accounts available to use your business strategy, so try to select the best one related to your brand. Never show your presence in different places on the social media and instead stay focused in one area where you can easily get exposed.

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Sharing content through blogs can get more engagement and in the same way you can attract the readers through social media channels also. It will be easy for your audience to see your content on both social media and blogs. There are few add-ons that can be used in your blog to achieve good engagement from the audience. Select any of the following tools to integrate with your blog to attract more audience and start an engagement in a simple way.

1. TweetMeme- It is a button that helps the audience to share their post in Twitter and posts can be seen on your Twitter feeds which will drive more traffic very easily. If someone tweets based on your post, this add-on helps to track them and show whether button was used by them or not. The TweetMeme button can be used on anyplace on your page and to see the number of readers. In case your readers have TweetMeme account and they select retweet button it will publish the post in the Twitter account.

2. DISQUS- This is a powerful comment tool that can be used as a comment function in the blog. The audience can share a video comment with Twitter using this tool and multiple users will be able to update your comments. There are many features available in this which includes comment stream that helps to show your new comments. It offers user-friendly options that help the audience to leave more comments. It is free to create an account in this tool and there is no need to use your name as you can just leave a simple comment. In case you want to share your comments, try to register it with DISQUS and link it with the Twitter account.

3. Gravatar- It is used to displays the reader photo based on their email and when you share a comment, the email address will be matched with Gravatar database. You have to register your email with Gravatar before adding a photo to get it matched. You can also set up multiple emails in a single Gravatar account to see the photos of the users.

4. Twitter Follow Badge- You can use this tool to create a little button which will stay on the user page when they scroll through the content which will make it easier to follow on Twitter. It has customizing options to adjust the coloring to match your webpage and make it live. One of the most important benefits of using this tool is to get more followers on Twitter.

5. Meebo Me- This is an embedded chat tool that can be used on any place of the webpage and it is available for free to the users. You can use this tool to chat with anyone immediately and it can be added to all of your chat accounts. It is considered to be the most useful tool which can be used product landing webpage.

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Twitter has made one of the important change in its 140 character count where it will no longer consider @names as words. This new update will help the users when they are replying to a field over the message. According to a report, this will help the users to understand Twitter in a more simple way. There are also few disadvantages of this new added feature like people using third party applications will not able to recognize this new option. Those who are trying to go beyond their limits with their tweets count, it is possible to include at least 50 usernames without appearing it in their tweet which is really new in this platform. Now people are really eager to know how their tweets will be looking now which can be really confusing for some of the people. This can happen as direct thread from your reply will no longer be connected in your tweet stream. You can see some of the habitual misunderstandings that will take some time for the users to understand, but we have to just wait and see whether this update is useful in improving Twitter performance or will it affect it.

Another important problem faced that Twitter is trying to resolve with this new update is making its users to add full-stop before @ name in the starting of their tweet in case they would like to make their followers to view it. Now reply handles will not feature in the original tweet during a reply and you cannot even add a full stop to make the followers see this response. Another thing is the inception tweet where you will be replying to yourself and retweet yourself which will lead to three times of your @name. It is just considered to be unique in its presentation, but if more number of people start to re-tweet to their own replies regularly which can make it slightly confusing as well as messy.

The people are engaged with their followers in Twitter on regular basis may get slightly annoyed with this feature and there will be few noise on this social media network for some time now. But Twitter is trying to pull more new users with this option. By removing @names from character count will give more space for the tweets which is really helpful in adding lot of media attachments making it a positive move from Twitter. Giving more space to tweets is really a very important update in Twitter, but the users are yet to receive it in a positive note. Twitter and its users will also see another new WordPad-style option that will help them to design a new text attachment and increase their data count. Twitter has not taken such a huge step till now in its tweet and regular users may feel slightly disappointed with this update, but Twitter is really looking to attract more number of new users that would increase the user count.

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Twitter has been trying different things to improve their revenue performance and the new option is the pre-roll video ads can be seen on Periscope. The pre-roll video ads are available on this platform with minimum features and now Twitter is planning to add live-streams. According to Twitter, the Periscope videos ads will be used as live and videos on on-demand that will help to attract the audiences at the right moments. The more realistic options in Periscope help the people to get live experiences as well as conversations. Twitter has made an important note that the video publishers will have control over the ad placement. Pre-roll ads seen on Periscope video will help the brands to attract to their message using a particular broadcast from its publishers. The risk involved in placing the ads on a live content can be high, but the advertisers are expected to give their full support in this creation to reach a proper audience. The introduction of the pre-roll ads will be mainly helpful for the brands as they can easily attract the customers.

According to a report, most of the people just skip the pre-roll ads to watch the video and these ads are also been one of the main reasons for people not watching the video content. The pre-roll ads are similar to the banner ads which are usually disturbing for the viewers even though they are effective for few people. Blocking of ads by the audience has been increasing when compared to the last year which is one of the important things to notice. The ads seen on the Periscope videos are available for the people to choose the advertisers with Twitter Amplify. This new option is expected to be introduced by Twitter in few months. According to Kayvon Beykpour, the Periscope CEO advertiser will be aware about the content to be used in the ads and from the publisher which will be placed on top. The publisher will also know what exactly the advertisers will be including their creative video with their content.

Another important update from Twitter is the latest ‘Upload 360 Video’ option included in the Media Studio which is one of the most important sign that Twitter has been updating its features. The brands can place their pre-roll ads in the 360 Periscope content which is a great way of attracting the audience on Twitter. The 360-video degree has been the latest attractive features that help to generate more viewers and it has already been an important part of the social media platforms. YouTube ads have already been some criticism from most of its viewers for the ads similar to pre-roll video ads on Twitter. Now Twitter has to give special attention for its pre-roll video ads and they should not face criticism similar to YouTube. All these updates are really interesting for the brands as they can increase their engagement with the people on this social media platform.

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Chatbots can be the perfect option for marketing your brand and increase customer support. This is the best way to make your consumers respond easily to your marketing process. The chatbots are the right solution for brands who want to start their brands marketing process and you can easily provide customers service without the help of manpower in your company.

1. Youngsters using chatbots- Most of the youngsters have been using the chatbots due to the technological advancements. In recent years only most of the brands have been using chatbots in one form or the other which is used mainly used for interacting with the customers. Youngsters consider using the chatbots as they are easily found in the form of messaging apps. People are willing to use this service to get connected with people on various online platforms. The chatbots are are not just used by the youngsters, it is also considered by the older people. You have to select the chatbots depending upon the audience you are going to connect with. Also make sure that your chatbots doesn’t make your audience unpleasant while using it.

2. Select the chatbot platform- There are various platforms that offer chatbots to interact along with the customers, so as a social media marketers you must be able to reach the customers in their convenient time and place. There are few messengers that work like chatbots on the social media channel that can be used to reach the customers on that particular platform. Try to do a complete research about your audience existence for a long time and you can use the place to reach to them. You must also know the platform which is used to reach the customers support the chatbot and are capable of sensing products as well as services.

3. Chatbots privacy- According to a report most of the people trust chatbot in reaching to their customers, but there are still few concerns for the consumers. There are few concerns related to chatbots based on its privacy and security. Most of the customers will try to share their personal details to the brands during the interaction which causes main concerns for the consumers. Some of the consumers will also feel hesitant while sharing the personal information on chatbots and the developers must be able to handle the consumer information in the most sensitive manner. To make the customers feel comfortable with the chatbots, the developers must take few important steps to make keep all the sensitive information safe. The brands who want to develop their own chatbots, it is important that they must give importance to more sensitive information and do some research to maintain all the details safe.

Those who want to handle the customers in the most personal way, it is important to avoid using the chatbots and others who want to complete their work fast can consider using the chatbots as they can handle more than one customer at a time.

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Using a quality video content on the social media channel can help to attract genuine audience. So to create a good video content there are few things required.

1. Select a camera- This is the first step while creating the video content for your marketing process. Now you have better cameras on smartphones that can be the right solution to create a perfect video. You will be able to create good quality videos with the help of latest smartphones. If you are ready to spend more money on creating the video try to purchase a camera. After recording the video through smartphone, you must transfer it to the PC as it will not have enough space to store the video.

2. Camera accessories- There are few special accessories that must be purchased while using a video camera to shoot your video which includes tripod. This will help you to keep the camera in a perfect place without any shakes. There are also tripods available for smartphones that can be used to create the video in a perfect way.

3. Select good lighting conditions- This is very important if you are creating a video suitable for your audience to view on the social media platform. Having a poor lighting can spoil your entire video and make it look blur. While recording the video make sure to face light source to make it fall directly on your face.

4. Microphone for video- The microphone will help you to record audio along with the video while shooting with a video camera. Try to invest some additional money to purchase a microphone that can easily record all types of videos during your shoot. The people who are viewing your video will also like to hear good audio and this will keep them engaged. There are also few expensive and extremely sensitive microphone that can pick up some of the tiniest sound, so consider this if you want to make your video a complete package for your audience.

5. Video background- When you start your shooting, try to select the best background for your video. Select your home if you are not able to spend more money in visiting a shooting spot. Just use a background that is suitable for your video and cover the wall in your hair to start the shooting.

6. Edit your video- Once you have shot a perfect video for your marketing process, try to edit it using a software. There is a number of video software that can be used for editing your video to make it suitable for the social media channels. Some of this software are available for free and purchase a premium version if you want to edit the video in a professional way.

Now you can use the video content to promote your brand on the social media platform. Make sure that your video s related to your brand, so it can help to create an engagement.

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Live-streaming can be used as an important of social marketing strategy. The video used on live-streaming is considered as a content on various social platforms which has capacity to attract more people. Twitter has been giving additional preference to make live content more attractive for the viewers. There are few things that must be considered while considering live-streaming on Twitter as a part of your social marketing strategy. Some of the following steps that can be useful for those who want to start a live-streaming process on Twitter. Streaming a good content can be a difficult process which is the best part of a marketing strategy, but you can get more benefits out of it if you are really using an attractive video content.

1. Create an excitement- Try to publish information about your live-streaming before starting it on the social media channel. This will help your audience to know that you are going to live-stream content on the social media channel and create an expectation. You can also share the information on your group list in the social media profile. Try to share the details with a number of audiences on the social media platform which can help to get more engagement and promote your message to the users.

2. Start your process- Before starting your live-streaming make sure everything is set up in a perfect way. There are few things that must be set up before the live-streaming such as testing the quality of your audio, use a steady hand camera or phone. Twitter will not have any information about the viewer’s expectation about the performance of the video.

3. Using periscope- Periscope introduced a new tool called as Periscope Producer that helps the broadcasters to stream the content direct in Periscope through a number of devices including cameras, desktop streaming and many more. The video creators can also share a broadcast element such as graphics and even record the video in a higher resolution. Twitter will be opening live API that will give more opportunity for the users to stream good quality content through Periscope.

4. Select the best broadcast title- This will help the viewers to know what the video is all about and make sure that the broadcast title has some contents related to your video content. The broadcast title will help the viewers to find the right content and have the right kind of expectation. You can also get connected with the viewers by selecting the most suitable broadcast title for your content.

5. Get viewer’s attention- While playing your video on Twitter stream try to connect with the people viewing your video which is really important. Also make sure that your start time of the video is not much longer and try to begin the video live-streaming with a countdown. You must decide how to get the viewers attention with the video content and also consider what type of content would attract more people to the video.