Twitter May Close Vine Permanently

Twitter has been working very hard to improve its features for the users to keep them engaged. In part of this effort Twitter has announced that it will close its Vine video app. The app was introduced in the year 2013 and it was used by a large number of people to share valuable content and according to a recent report there were about 200 million people using this app per month. The vine app also featured in top 100 apps from iTunes in various countries. But vine had failed to live upto its expectations from the users as it had to struggle in the recent times. There is no official confirmation about the users number, but the usage rates are expected to be low when compared to other similar apps. There are other apps that offer video sharing options in a more simple way. The search volume in Google for vine is also been very low and it has been declining steadily. But Snapchat & Periscope which feature same type of options have been raising high with popularity and the number of users.

The users who were part of vine have started to reach out to bigger social media network to reach wider audience and enjoy more advanced features. But Twitter failed to maintain its present users and even attract new users to vine even though they had introduced a number of measures for maintaining the members. Twitter also included new options such as pre-roll ads in Vine content where about 70% revenue will be offered to the content creators with some limited options. Apart from this, Twitter also introduced a new feature in vine known as ‘Watch More’ in June where the users will be able to record videos of about 140 seconds to 10 minutes with selected partners. Even though this option was expected to make vine more useful, Twitter failed to use a proper monetization process to alter its core function on this social media platform. But there is no official confirmation about closing vine for its users and people are still able to watch or download videos.

According to Twitter, they will be announcing if any changes are made in vine or closing it permanently. Twitter has been planning to refine all its product and features to reach out to more people. Vine was able to attract more people with its unique feature during its introduction and it was also used by many businesses that were expected to reach out to more people with their unique ways. There were lot of brands that use vine to promote their business as it offered an opportunity to feature tools related to brands along with other various options. With all these options and new features vine was able to reach to more people, but failed to maintain them due to the increased competition. Some of the people also think that Twitter failed to update vine with latest features at the right time.

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