Advantages Of Updated 140 Character Count

Twitter has taken out the140 character limit and now users can use the images as well as other links without utilizing the 140 character. When Twitter announced about this for the first time many had lot of questions related to this update. But now people are realizing that this change from Twitter has got more to offer for its users. Some of the simple things that have been updated in this 140 character is from now names will not be considered in the character count while sending a reply to the tweet and URL with an attachments will not be taken into count. There is also a Retweet button placed in the tweet which makes it easy for the users to retweet. Apart from all these features there are also other advantages that this 140 character limit is to offer for all the Twitter users. All these changes are will be effective very soon and it is expected to be more helpful for the brands. Some more updates are expected soon in Twitter to increase its user growth.

1. Tweet without worries- This is the most important update from Twitter as you will get more space for sending your tweets which takes the worry of losing more words. Twitter has announced the update which will have more space for your tweets and you can include the attachments after ending the tweet.

2. Reach out with media content and add hashtags- The tweets that feature media content is likely to receive more engagement when compared to other normal tweets. You can add a photo at the end of your tweet and don’t worry about losing the word count. All the media content will not be considered as word due to this update and you can add more hashtags in a single tweet which was not possible earlier.

3. Retweet yourself- The most important update is to retweet for more reach. Always retweet the content that is popular among the followers and also quote yourself. You can do this by sending a tweet and quote by just going to your tweet by hitting retweet button.

4. Reply clearly- Now you have a choice of replying to a single tweet without using multiple tweets. The usernames will be used in the beginning of a tweet which is not considered in the 140 character count that helps to do this. There is no need to concentrate on the username word count while composing a tweet. This can be a perfect choice for those who want to offer customer service in Twitter.

5. Username confusion- While composing a tweet with the username, you and the people who are following both the accounts will be able to see your tweet. This will limit the exposure of your tweet, but Twitter has solved this confusion. From now onwards, tweets that has been sent to the user with tagging a username while creating a tweet will be visible to all the users.

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