Future Plans From Twitter At WhatsNext Event

Twitter has been facing a hard time from recent times as it has been struggling to keep its place on the social media platform due to tough competition. The social platform had seen a decrease in its users from past few months, but last few months results are really interesting. The number of active users in last two months has been more and their revenue has been increasing as well. Even though the expectation from the company related to users are more which has give them a little hope. There has been serious competition from other similar platforms and Twitter still managed to get revenue of about $616 million during the quarter. The company has started to re-focus from what it has been doing till now which is really good for its future. To answer all the questions related to their focus, Twitter had held a special event this week and it was also streamed on Periscope.

Adam Bain, Twitter COO had outlined their future plan and their recent focus on changing the plans to attract more users. Adam Bain also shared their earnings report which suggested that there has been a rise in all their key metrics and this was possible due to their recently made changes. Twitter had altered its features to attract more users and some of the options were really interesting such as algorithm that had a very significant approach towards attracting more people. Apart from this major change from Twitter there are also smaller changes that have been part of this development like recommendations for users to follow the right profile and also providing the most relevant content for the people. Twitter COO also suggested some of the new elements that they have been planning to include will make things simple for its users. Their main aim is to improve their efforts to make live-streaming more simple to use as it enables most of the people to know latest happening around the world. Twitter has already been using live-streaming feature to broadcast NFL live- for the users.

There were also other people who presented more information about improving Twitter in future. One of them was Twitter’s Josh McFarland, Ad Product Development VP who had announced their plans to improve their video products and reaching the audience expectations. Twitter has also been monitoring the audience data to know what they are looking on this platform and there has been more demand for video according to the report. There has been increase in video trend in recent times which has made Twitter to focus mainly on this. According to Liz Devlin, Brand Strategy Lead for Twitter, they will be adding new ideas that will be able to create a huge impact now. Most of the brands are also using live-streaming during a special event to showcase their products. With all these changes Twitter is expecting to stay on top as the most used and reliable social media network for the people.

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