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Twitter bots are the perfect option to automate your posts and even follow more Twitter users. The bot will normally run at the background and it can automatically retweet your tweets to match a particular criteria. It will help the Twitter user to tweet a specific phrase that helps the brand to create auto-reply bot […]

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Twitter ads have been the most used source by the brands on the social media platform. According to Twitter, most of the advertisers generate more success with ads without using the hashtags. Here are few interesting things that can be used to make your Twitter ads really useful. 1. Highlight the importance- You must make […]

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Getting leads in Twitter is not as simple as it is known by many people on this platform. You must use strategies that can attract leads in Twitter. Twitter is a unique social media platform just like other social platforms which can be used to get connected with a large community. Following are the most […]

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Retweets are mostly like by everyone who has an account in Twitter. By receiving more retweets, it is possible to get more traffic for your websites or blogs. This is also one god example that your posts have been reached to more people as they have retweeted back. With retweets you can also get easily […]

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