Twitter Marketing: Trademark Strictness Of As Seen on PC

As you are now being approved as an affiliate of As Seen on PC, I think you may know what is coming next to you. But before you are going to make some attempts, there is one strict rule that you need to comply with. No matter if you are going to buy Twitter followers or not, you need to make a difference of increasing your own awareness of their own rules, especially with the individual merchants that are advertising their products once and for all. Oh well, I think you may now know what the hell I am going to talk about for Twitter marketers like you.

Without further ado, I would simply like to talk about the trademark strictness of this affiliate program, which was known as the “As Seen on PC”. First and foremost, what makes you think that they are strict enough to let their affiliates promote their products with trademark bidding and including the product names within their registered domains? It is because these merchants do not like to have some competitors who are using their product names within the domain name, as they advertised it themselves through Google Adwords, Yahoo Publishing Network and Microsoft Adcenter once and for all.

In order for you to be safe, you just need to comply with their own rules and regulations. The advertisers themselves are making a deal with As Seen on PC that they do not allow their own affiliates to do trademark bidding, and use their trademarked product names in any domain.

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