Easy Ways To Create Twitter Bots

Twitter bots are the perfect option to automate your posts and even follow more Twitter users. The bot will normally run at the background and it can automatically retweet your tweets to match a particular criteria. It will help the Twitter user to tweet a specific phrase that helps the brand to create auto-reply bot which will help the users to responds automatically when you get mentioned on Twitter. It is very easy to create the Twitter bots on your own and configure it. The automated bots are very much attractive for the users on social media platform as they are being used on regular basis by the users. The advantage of using the bots can really engaging if you use it in the right way and it can save lot of time for both the business as well as customers.

1. First you must create a Twitter account to work like a bot and sign-in to create your app. Select the name for your app and a description along with the URL. Now you have to select the option Modify App Permissions in the Application Settings. Then change your access level as per your wish Read and Access Direct Messages.

2. Next select the Keys and select Access Tokens tab to create the Access Token button which will start generating your Consumer Keys as well as Access tokens which will be used further.

3. Now you must visit labnol.org/bots to access your Twitter bots app to authorize your bot. Then edit values of the Consumer Key, Access Token, Access Secret and the Consumer Secret which were generated during your previous step.

4. Try to specify your search phrase to the bots which will make the app to find all the latest tweets related to the search phrase to get them processed individually. With the standard version it is only possible to process the search phrase only once in a time and to process about five bots at the same time you have to purchase a premium version. Now select the option create to initialize your Twitter bot which will automatically start running at the background.

But there is one disadvantage about the bot as Twitter TOS does not support automation. In case you want to test your bot, try to do it with a test account. Try to use the search operators on Twitter to find the selected tweets to use in your bots. You can also use other ways to filter your spam tweets in the search results. In case of changing Twitter username, try to create auto-DM bot to your already existing account and make the followers understand your new name. When the users are offline at a particular time, they can just create replies to suggest delayed response from your account for your followers. Twitter is also trying to update its bot system particularly based on people using this feature and it is expected to additional feature related to the standard queries.

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