Twitter To Remove @Replies From Character Count

Twitter has made one of the important change in its 140 character count where it will no longer consider @names as words. This new update will help the users when they are replying to a field over the message. According to a report, this will help the users to understand Twitter in a more simple way. There are also few disadvantages of this new added feature like people using third party applications will not able to recognize this new option. Those who are trying to go beyond their limits with their tweets count, it is possible to include at least 50 usernames without appearing it in their tweet which is really new in this platform. Now people are really eager to know how their tweets will be looking now which can be really confusing for some of the people. This can happen as direct thread from your reply will no longer be connected in your tweet stream. You can see some of the habitual misunderstandings that will take some time for the users to understand, but we have to just wait and see whether this update is useful in improving Twitter performance or will it affect it.

Another important problem faced that Twitter is trying to resolve with this new update is making its users to add full-stop before @ name in the starting of their tweet in case they would like to make their followers to view it. Now reply handles will not feature in the original tweet during a reply and you cannot even add a full stop to make the followers see this response. Another thing is the inception tweet where you will be replying to yourself and retweet yourself which will lead to three times of your @name. It is just considered to be unique in its presentation, but if more number of people start to re-tweet to their own replies regularly which can make it slightly confusing as well as messy.

The people are engaged with their followers in Twitter on regular basis may get slightly annoyed with this feature and there will be few noise on this social media network for some time now. But Twitter is trying to pull more new users with this option. By removing @names from character count will give more space for the tweets which is really helpful in adding lot of media attachments making it a positive move from Twitter. Giving more space to tweets is really a very important update in Twitter, but the users are yet to receive it in a positive note. Twitter and its users will also see another new WordPad-style option that will help them to design a new text attachment and increase their data count. Twitter has not taken such a huge step till now in its tweet and regular users may feel slightly disappointed with this update, but Twitter is really looking to attract more number of new users that would increase the user count.

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