Important Tools To Maintain Twitter Presence

Marketers face lot of problems while increasing their Twitter presence and manage their Twitter account. But all this can happen in a smooth way by using tools special developed for this purpose. There are four important tool that can help to make your Twitter presence more successful.

1. ManageFlitter- This is the first tool that can be used to control multiple Twitter accounts very easily. The tool is available for free and you can avail the upgraded feature in this tool with its premium plan. It helps to manage your followers based on its search functions. You can also see when the followers are available online and the time they schedule their tweets. It can also be used to see the people who unfollow your account and other accounts related to your business. In this tool you can check the follower ratio and unfollow those who are not active as well as include the people who are active. You can also search for tweets in this tool depending upon the location and topic. By doing you can easily reach to people who are discussing about a particular topic related to your business. Another important feature in this tool includes PowerPost which can be used to schedule the Twitter post depending upon the follower’s active time online.

2. Audiense- It is very much popular among the enterprises and it can be used by beginners as well as professional users. You can search for influencers using this tool and get connected to them to find out the right time for sending the tweets as well as run DM campaigns. It also has some of the unique features such as you can create a new dashboard for better stats and conduct a good marketing campaign in Twitter. You can also look for new Twitter users and make them follow your account with this tool. To do this, go to Target option and choose the option Discover New Twitter Users. Just enter the relevant keywords along with the person name and location to find the people.

3. Tweriod- This is very commonly used tool by most of the Twitter users. You can keep track the followers using this tool to know when they are active and schedule the tweets during the busy period in a day to get more engagements. It is possible to get the analysis with this tool in a most perfect manner as it tracks 200 tweets to provide the best results. The tool is available as free version for basis users and others can also get the premium version.

4. DrumUp- It is a tool used to find the best content that can be shared with others. This tool features a dashboard at the left side with displays the Twitter account and at the right side you can see the suitable content along with custom feeds. You can use this tool to make your brand reach out to more people and maintain your Twitter campaign regularly.

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