Twitter Introduces DM Button For Websites

Direct messaging is one of the most important part of any social media platforms as it is known to be the best way to connect with people Twitter has introduced a new button to send DM from the website. Facebook has been using this type of messaging and it already has more than 60 billion DM per day. By introducing the new option, Twitter is also planning to do a similar thing what the other social media platforms are doing. Twitter has not created its own messaging platform, but they have been planning to introduce the direct messaging feature to attract more of its users. There is also no 140 character restriction for the DMs on this platform and they have been introducing additional business tools that would help the people to easily connect through this on-platform message.

Twitter has been a very important platform for most of the people to get real-time response and this new option can help to boost it more. By placing this new button in a websites you can easily enables the visitor of your site to send a DM direct directly from the webpage. It also features Publish platform from Twitter that can be used to create the message button on your webpage. This is very easy to add, try to select the option Publish and select ‘Twitter Buttons’ feature from the screen. Then select the option ‘Message Button’ to get the form which will feature user name as well as user ID that must be entered. Now the Publish will try to create the Twitter DM button with the code in HTML format that must be used in your website.

The visitors of your website can easily get connected with your from the webpage itself as it can be helpful in providing a complete customer service. Facebook has also done almost similar to this option which adds connection tools in the websites. Even though Twitter has taken some time to introduce this new feature, it is planning to attract more number of people when compared to other social media platform such as Facebook. A per Twitter data about 80% of its customer requests in the social media is done through tweet which has made them to concentrate on the customer service options to improve their offerings.

With standard user growth in Twitter as well as declining interest of the ad products, the company has been planning to make a big comeback with all this new options. By improving customer service along with other tools Twitter has been planning to focus on providing real-time response which is very important for any social media platform in the present day. Twitter is also planning to introduce some more features that would be helpful for both the social media platform and its users who would get benefited from all this features. We would expect more of such options from Twitter in the future and they will also be interesting.

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