Twitter to use the GIF Function Like Peach

The GIF tool in Peach has become the most popular function at present and this one particular app has received lot attention for this app. Twitter is planning to re-purpose about adding same type of tools to work along with the existing trends. Adding GIF tool in the tweets can easily support most of the people in getting engaged on this online platform. The people who may use this new function will be the members who are active regular on twitter which will not be helpful in improving this platform. The new users will ge attracted to this latest function which is one of the main objective of introducing this tool. This is considered to be a very attractive tool from twitter that is expected to make the twitter users very keen in using it.

The tweets along with images is expected to help in generating more number of people which includes certain number of people watching video on twitter and other with the help of other media sources such as mobile phones. By seeing all these records, the new GIF tool will be a perfect fit for the twitter users who want to express their views with words and images. Even though there is no confirmation from twitter about this matter, most of the people are expecting to use such a tool in his social media platform.

Incase this new tool gets more popular in twitter, there are also other similar platforms that can use the same tool to attract more users. This is one of the most important example that will be set up by twitter if it launches the new GIF tool for its users. There are many people who look to use new tools in twitter rather than sticking with the same old tools. The new tool in Peach has really attracted many people and they have also added a new update to their app that is considered to be cool. The GIF function looks almost similar to the button in Facebook Messenger that has been supported with GIF websites.

Twitter can introduce the new GIF feature in public posts than only in the direct messages. This would make twitter to reach more number of people along with its present users. There are also other apps on social media hat are trying to overtake twitter entirely and with this new feature the company is planning to attract more users. Even though the new feature will not b able to help twitter in handling its ongoing issues, but the user will get more attracted to it as it will be more fun to use. The users will be able to tweet along with funny image that is available in large numbers with a single button. It also features new categories that can be selected according to the mood of the users. While composing a message in twitter, the users will be able to browse through GIF tools to find out a particular image to express their mood.

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