Live Tweet Successfully During An Event

Live tweeting can be the best option for those who want to share their important activities on daily basis. If you want to share really important event in Twitter it can be time consuming, so instead you can just go live. You can also get some good feedback once you start the live tweeting process. The follower number will also see an increase once you start the live tweets. It can help to improve your personal brand with live tweets at events and also increase the number of attendees. Those who have failed to attend the particular event can see the event live with the event related hashtag. Apart from increasing your followers, there are also few drawbacks of tweeting during a live event.

With live tweets you can also provide more information about the event you are sharing. Select a particular word for using it in your tweet and it will increases tweets readable ability by understanding the context of your tweets. You must also retweet on regular basis which is really best to attract more audience. Also make sure that your tweets are able to make some good sense for its viewers. Always avoid sharing tweets like stories as it can be difficult to do so. It is also not possible to live tweet stories in Twitter without having any reason. Try to mention about new tools as soon as possible and most importantly if you know a particular Twitter handle, try to share it with the mention.

Along with your tweets, you must also know what others are tweeting about related to the events you are attending. In case some shares a very important tweet about the event, you can also retweet it immediately to attract the audience. Make sure to share the event hashtag that you are sharing it live with the Twitter audience at the end of your each tweet. There are also special tools available for sharing live tweets from the event which includes Tweetchat. With this tool, you can easily track the tweets that come out of a particular hashtag and will automatically add the tag to the end of every tweet you post from the tool. Lot of people use different types of tools for live tweeting, but the most used is the Tweetchat.

To live tweet you must have lot of energy as it can be really stressful for everyone who is doing it for the first time. You must attend all the sessions of a particular event in order to share it completely with your audience. Also understand that you are just sharing the things that are happening at the event and not creating it. In case you add creative things about the event, the people will lose interests of following the event through your tweets. You must also make sure to tweet on regular intervals during the live event and tweeting many times during a short period can get your account suspended for few hours in Twitter.

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