Designing Social Media Video Thumbnails

Most of the people will use various methods to bring more audience on their posts on the social media network. One of the best ways to attract the audience is through videos. In order to make the audience view your video, you must include an attractive thumbnail which must have the potential to attract more people. So how do you make a video thumbnail look attractive.

1. Use a photo- Always use a photo that is original which will help to create a connection with your viewers. Try to use your photo which will make the people realize that you are genuine person. You can just include a person’s photo that is part of your brand to make the viewers feel connected.

2. Select an emotional image- This is one of the best ways to reach to your audience. But make sure to use the right image which must be emotionally attractive. Avoid using images that show anger which would take the audience away from the video. You can also share a person’s image with the right emotional moment and use it as the video thumbnail.

3. Adding a text- Along with the image you can also add a text to with short message. The space for including a text in your video thumbnail will be very less, but if you add text it will inspire most of the people to click on it. Make sure that your text is able to attract people to click on the thumbnail.

4. Image with content- Try to include a thumbnail that a viewer can easily understand. The thumbnail must be relevant the content in your video. Avoid using the images that are not related to the video content as it will not attract any viewers. There are also chance that your audience will lose the trust on you if the thumbnail is different from your video.

5. Add a logo- Sharing a logo on the video thumbnail can make it look completely unique from other user’s videos. Try to include the logo at the left corner on the thumbnail without making it cover the full screen.

6. Using colors- Most of the people while watching the video on the social media platform will click through, but once they do this you must show them an attractive background to the video that has been watched by them. Try to use a colored background that looks completely bright and it must attract the viewer’s attention.

7. Maintain a regular style- Always use a regular style for your thumbnail image as it will also help to recognize your brand. Also use the same type of image and content for each video you are using it on the social media platform to promote your brand.

8. Thumbnail design- Whenever you are designing a thumbnail image, make sure to it is suitable for thumbnail and also on other screen sizes. The viewers must see thumbnail image perfectly on all the screen sizes they view it.

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