Tools To Expand Media Report In Twitter

Twitter is one of the most important platform that helps to get information related to various sources. It is easy to manage all your feed in Twitter related to a topic which is not possible in other social media platform. There are no special limitations in Twitter while engaging with other people whom you follow. But there are still few restriction in some part about following others in Twitter you can break them to expand your contribution on the social media platform. Here are few tools that can be used in Twitter to achieve more out of it.

1. Keyword searches- The search made with keyword in Twitter can show you lot of tweets from various people and some of them can be useful for different purpose. Along with good tweets you will also find few bad tweets which can be ignored. You can also monitor hashtags that can also be used in the search query and reach to interested audiences. By monitoring the hashtags it is possible to reach to a greater level in Twitter as you can reach to new experts who can become a part of Twitter list. You can also include more people in Twitter list to curate your content.

2. Twitter lists- This is a perfect choice for monitoring curators, activists, experts and more. You can easily create your own Twitter lists and even monitor lists from other users to see which group will be perfect for you to read. If you are planning to follow a particular news media to know all the latest happening around the world, try to join a new Twitter list or create one based on media. Make sure that your Twitter list gets a complete exposure from the media or divide them as you wish. The best way to find the media reporters in Twitter is by following their staff lists and most of the people will be maintaining a profile page on various social media platforms which also includes Twitter. If possible you can also create your own reporters list that is covering the same topic related news. There are also many existing companies that have already maintaining Twitter list related to media, so you can just follow them.

3. TweetDeck- This is a very common tool that is used by most of the Twitter users. With this tool you can easily see what happeing in your Twitter lists is and share it for better use. This tool is a perfect choice if you are looking to focus on a particular topic. You will be completely aware of the news that is surrounding you with the help of this tool from various perspectives. Even you don’t have the habit of reading any newspapers, you can just use TweetDeck to know what is the hot news that is happening right now. Twitter is the best place to organize your news feed without using any algorithm that makes your work really simple.

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