Twitter Announces New Safety & Privacy Guidelines

Twitter has been facing a lot of issues with online abuse on recent times and the company has failed to provide a better solution for its users. Now Twitter has introduced a new safety and privacy guidelines to all the users. The content posted in Twitter is available for public view which is not the same with other similar online platforms, so this makes Twitter unique as well problem for some of its users. This social media is used by many people all over the world to share latest happenings that make it a very unique platform. It is known to be a valuable social media for many as the shared content is available live for everyone all can speak out with this regard. Twitter lets you to have a wider conversation which is not available in other social media channels like Facebook and more.

Twitter has taken few steps during the period of last one year to tackle the abuses that happen on their platform. The company has expanded verification process for its users which is available for most of the people. They also introduced new tool known as Quality Filter that helps to remove the tweets which are offensive out of your timeline. The users also have an option to get the notifications from various users profiles whom they follow. Recently, Twitter also introduced a new option which can be used to mute the particular words in the tweets. Another option revealed by Twitter to handle online abuse through a category known as ‘hateful conduct’ which is actually a reporting section. By taking all these necessary steps by Twitter, they are still not able to deal with the online trolls.

Now Twitter has taken one step forward by introducing a new updated version for Safety and Privacy Guide which will be available for all the users. The new guide takes in all the different options for reporting abuses and it also shows how to improve the experience on the social media platform. This is one of the best method that can be accessed by all Twitter user including younger people. After introducing this option also some of them think that Twitter has just introduced a new update that will be similar to its previous versions. Twitter has been making lot of efforts to deal with the issues relating to trolls and they are really serious about it.

Twitter is a very important social platform which is used by many people that makes it difficult to include the best privacy guide for its users. The company has been supportive to all its genuine users to prevent all kinds of abuse which makes it really an attractive social media platform and all these steps have become a major part of their wider interactive method. With this new steps from Twitter, it gives an opportunity to the users to use this platform for various social activities and maintain a smooth conversation with others.

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