Marketing Brands With Social Savagery

Social media platform has been one of the most used among many users all over the world as anyone can voice their own opinions. But now even the brands have bee using this platform to express their views to attract more customers. The year 2015 was known to be the year for positivity and the year 2016 was known for fake news. Now this year 2017, it is considered as the year for social media savages. The word savage means if anyone who does an act that has no regard with feelings or privacy. It is really a new word but not a new concept that is very small and will be able to achieve something in the form of keywords using the brands. The latest among the media attention was Twitter account of Wendy’s which was going really savage about its few customers. This can be considered as the real example for savages. The Wendy’s are dealing with its social detractors by sending replies which hugs line between the lighthearted and the downright insulting.

But reaction to this on the social media has been really mixed as few have been described as funny. This is really a way to get attention from the people and reach to new audience on the social media platform. Using emotions for marketing a brand is known to be the best way to attract lot of customers and it also works in a great way. According to a report, there are few people who get irritated when a company tries to act funny on the social media platform. The social savagery has become very popular in recent times as it easily conveys the information to the people on social media platform. A simple type of fun that works among the people can easily become little right or little wrong. But the same type of humor is shared among the people all over the world and it is not possible to find the right balance among the people on the social media. Those who want to use social savagery, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

In case you want to attract the right audience it is important to think like them. The most important advantage is you can easily reach the audience and also add human touch to your brand. It is also possible to improve your brand visibility. Apart from this there are also few disadvantages which include overexposing your popular trend and even reach to people out of your boundary. One thing is clear that it is possible to get attention from the audience through social savagery. The social audience will be looking to see new things on the social media and by using this method it is easy to get audience’s attention. There is no harm in trying this method to promote your brand through social media as it would not affect your marketing process on this platform.

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