Twitter Unveils Its Q1 Results

Twitter has revealed its Q1 results which show the new active users on monthly basis. The users growth is also been increased on daily actives that saw an increase of 14% year-over-year. Twitter has been mainly concentrating on live-streaming to attract more users that has been really helpful in the increase of users. Even though the number of increased users is very less when compared to other social media networks, there has been an increase in its users. Twitter has revealed its accelerated growth for its refined focus based on the current trends on the social media. There has been an increase in Twitter’s timeline algorithm and various changes have been made to display the tweets by the users.

Twitter has made a specific note of about its latest Explore tab that was replaced in place of the Moments options and the people who are using this Explore tab are considerably more on daily basis. According to many reports, Moments was replaced with the Explore tab as it failed to attract more users. Now Twitter can make Explore tab for showing live-streams that can keep the audience easily engaged on this platform. Twitter was able to cover 450 events in its Q1 with 800 hours live video and attracting 45 million viewers.

As per Anthony Noto, Twitter COO they are trying to live stream 24 hours and 7 days in a week with the apps as well as website. Twitter is using small events to keep the audience attracted and targeting increased advertiser. In Periscope, Twitter was able to stream 77-million hours user based live video content and the usage data on Periscope has been reduced when compared to other similar networks. Twitter has been simplifying its product portfolio with new learning techniques in its ad options that was able to give higher ROI to the advertisers with an increased engagement rates on ads. Video has been playing a major part on Twitter with its new ad format as they were also successful in launching new mid-roll video ads. In recent times Twitter was also successful in introducing new options to deal with trolls and abusive accounts.

When compared to the last years Q1 results, Twitters present report has been really promising. Even though there has been a decrease in revenue which was as expected, there has been an increase in its user growth with its additional options. Twitter still remains an important platform for many users to get engaged and this mainly helps the brands to attract more customers. The increase in Q1 has been really slow, but there is an increase which really shows that people are really interested in the changes made by this social media channel. Twitter is expected to introduce more options to make the network really useful for the new users. All the efforts made by Twitter to keep the users engaged has been working and we can expect more better results in the nest quarter.

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