Using Twitter Effectively For Beginners

Those who are new to Twitter must be aware of few important things to make their presence effective. Twitter is normally used for sharing contents with the audience which can be viewed by everyone and not like other social media channels. It is also possible to reach to different people on this platform including your favorite celebrities or sportsman. Tweets will normally appear on top of the old ones. Tweets can feature an image, link or even videos depending upon the user’s interest. Earlier you were allowed to use only 140 characters, but now users can use more words based on their tweet. Most of the people will not have an idea how to tweet and how will it appear in their Twitter page. Just follow these steps to stay effective on Twitter.

1. First create Twitter account by visiting the website and select the name that can distinguish you from other users, but use only genuine names. You can start your account as anonymous and even add name on later stages as it can be changed. Then select the username which will be based on your profession.

2. Next you have to enter the mobile number which is important to use your account in case you lose its access. Also select the image for using in your profile and read the instructions from Twitter before using the photos that are not related to your profession.

3. Now you must create your bio which feature where you live, work and other information about you. By reading this the audience must understand what your account is all about and also add background image on top of the Twitter page.

4. Start following the people whom you are aware personally and others whom you like to admire. Twitter can help you to create a set-up wizard that will help to continue using your Twitter account. Those who want to take wizards help can do it easily as it will suggest few Twitter accounts to follow related to your interests. You will also get suggestions from Twitter wizards like whom to follow that can be seen in your website or in the feed if you are using the app.

5. Now you are allowed to use more than 140 characters, nut make sure to use only short tweets. Most of them on the social media platform like to see only short contents. If you think that content is really interesting and can attract most of the audience, then use how many words you want.

6. You must tweet at least two times in a day to attract the audience and don’t forget to use images or videos in your tweet which are the best sources to keep the audience engaged. Try to share a link as well which must lead to your post outside Twitter. Include hashtags in your content which are best known for starting a bigger conversation and hashtags will help to see all the posts related to it.

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