Top Twitter Productivity Tools

Twitter activities must be followed in a proper way on regular basis and you must know how to use the marketing process properly. There are few productivity tools that can really be used to manage Twitter marketing process effectively without losing the streamline. There are few important productivity tools that can be used to increase your productivity level in Twitter.

1. Zapier- Zapier is a tool that can develop more credibility about your brand and it also helps to create email alert for getting notification when anyone has a query from the Twitter lists. There are options to exclude replies and tweets including links. To use this tool first you must try to create an account in it with free or paid plans.

2. Missinglettr- Missinglettr is the simple tool that can increase your engagement potential by creating a simple marketing campaign. You can publish your individual article with the help of Twitter during a period of 1 year. It is easy to use this tool which can be accessed by creating a free account to reach the RSS feed. Now this tool will check the new posts and analyzes it for creating new marketing campaign in Twitter. The Twitter campaign will feature a number of tweets that will lead to your article and this toll will notify when your campaign gets ready for possible review.

3. ManageFlitter- ManageFlitter can be used to manage the people in Twitter which includes followers, lists and more. There are options like ‘Follow’ and ‘Manage Unfollow’ to find the Twitter accounts that is inactive and which don’t follow your account. There is an options called as ‘Power Mode’ that can be used to find particular and relevant accounts to be followed. This tool is available for free with basic features, but you can also choose premium plans for better results.

4. AgoraPulse- AgoraPulse can be used to show your mentions and direct messages in your social media inbox and respond to them with just an email. The social media inbox in Twitter account can be divided into two such as Inbox tab with incoming mentions and Monitoring tab to send retweets. Whenever a message is reviewed it gets archived that is used to look for spammed direct messages.

5. IFTTT- IFTTT can be used to look for the missing site mentions using the option Twitter Search. Use the search box in Twitter to see the tweets which normally link to the website without mentioning about your Twitter handle. You can easily see the website alerts to quickly easily respond to it without wasting any time.

6. Friends+Me- Friends+Me can be used to get more advantage from the contents used in the Google+ and cross-post directly to other social media networks such as Twitter. To use this option create an account in Friends+Me and connect with Google+ profile as source account. Now you can connect to Twitter account which will become your main destination social media account.

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