Tracking Hashtag With Tools

Hashtags are the most important thing in social networks like Twitter that is used to find as well as to follow discussions. If you are not able to track the hashtags in a proper way, there are few tools that can help to do this. The tools can make you to search any discussions about the brands or events and even track performance of the promotions in the social media.

1. RebelMouse- This is one of the best tool that can help to embed cross-platform campaign. It is capable of finding the hashtag conversations that happens all across social media. Anyone can easily embed the RebelMouse tool on their website and you can also pull out hashtagged Instagram pictures on the website.

2. Bundle Post- It is known to be a perfect content management tool that can be used to organize and schedule posts for the hashtag campaigns. This tool can also be used along with HootSuite and other items. It also has a special feature that can easily identify the most popular keywords and replace the words automatically with hashtags.

3. Tagboard- It is used to collect text and video along with image posts discussed around the hashtag. Once you have collected the right conversations from Twitter, Google+, Facebook and more together like user-friendly interface to interact with perfect results.

4. Talkwalker- This tool can be used as a hashtag tracking tool and with this you can easily track the hashtag and enter into a conversation. It is easy to select the data and filter it as per your choice. You can also export the in Word, Excel and PowerPoint for managing it perfectly.

5. Tweet Binder- This tool is perfect for analytics as well as to filter conversations. You can enter hashtag in Tweet Binder tool to get detailed report about the actual conversations and retweets based on the particular hashtag.

6. RiteTag- It is a perfect tool to optimize updates in Twitter and it can also be used in other social media network. You can easily find the hashtag for the post that you are planning to add in Twitter and analyze it perfectly to maintain it in the library. This tool also features an extension that can be included in the web browser to schedule updates along with optimized hashtags.

7. Twubs- It is a tool to live stream in Twitter chats in actual real-time. This tool has some of the best options such as you can pause a particular conversation when it is moving fast.

All the above tools are mostly used in wide numbers by all the social media people. But these tools can help those users who are not able to find or manage the right hashtags. These tools are not only helpful in Twitter, but you can also use in other social media networks. The good hashtag can always stay unique, relevant and memorable to your event so it can easily spread all across the social media network.

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