Basic Features To Make Twitter Useful

Twitter is one of the main social media platform that is active on regular basis. There are a number of things that can be achieved with the help of Twitter for both individuals and the brands. The following are few important things that can be done on this social media platform.

1. Sharing contents- Twitter is mostly used to share contents from various sources. It is possible to attract more engagement from different users by curating the content. You can just share a link of the post from other sources which will consume more characters, but now the character limit has been removed so it is possible to share a bigger link of your shared post.

2. Twitter contest- With contest you can easily attract the people relevant to your brand. It will also increase the number of followers for your Twitter profile. Also share an image of your product that will be promoted during your contest. Make sure to use the hashtag related to your campaign during the contest as it will help to get mentions related to your brand.

3. Twitter discussion live- In Twitter you are also allowed to have a live discussion related to a particular event. You can easily reach the audience directly through live discussion on Twitter related to a topic. Start tweet chats related a particular topic and invite users to join into the conversations which can be a perfect option to share your thoughts.

4. Twitter polls- This is known to be the best way to get your audience engaged with your brand. You can ask for suggestions related to your brand with the help of Twitter polls. Try to get complete feedback about your brand and even raise funds through Twitter polls.

5. Connect with social media channels- Twitter also allows you to share content from various social media channels. There are a number of social media platforms that are available online and you can share content to Twitter with their applications. Try to embed your social sharing on your website which will help the users to know the channels they can get your engagement.

6. Branded content- You can do this by sharing a visual content related to your brand as it can get attention from the users on this social media platform. While doing this try to include a logo related to your brand and make sure that your visual are really interesting as well as attractive.

7. Twitter lists- Try to use this to categorize all your followers in a particular group and even subscribe to other Twitter lists developed from others. Try to create public as well as private lists, but make sure that your public lists will be available for all Twitter users.

8. Regular posting- This is really important as you must be consistent in posting the content on Twitter on daily basis. You must stay active to attract attentions from your followers and other users on this platform to increase your engagement.

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