Twitter To Feature Live Streaming Lineup

Twitter has made a big announcement that they are not just about 140-characters as they are moving a step further with live video. Twitter is trying to look for information like the things happening in the real-time with millennial audience as most of them have already away from traditional TV. According to a report, more than fifty percent of Americans in between the age of 18-29 use online to get the contents than using the standard TV network. There are also few Millennial who have already set up ad blocker on their device that makes them difficult to reach demographically. Mainly on Twitter those who logged-in live are below 25 of age are more and video ads on Twitter are noted to be 2 times memorable than other ads on similar sites.

The advertisers will also be helpful to Twitter in reaching their major audience with the recently revealed In-Stream Video Ads that is expected to provide pre-roll as well as mid-roll ads. Twitter also announced that they are going to partner with 16 streaming videos channels to support them in live-streaming 24/7 which would include a major move of showing 800 hours video content served for about 45 million viewers. The live video concept from Twitter has already been positive as they showcased pre and post shows of Oscar that featured more number of unique viewers. There was also another deal signed by Twitter that is NFL’s game which was later on cancelled. But Twitter announced another deal with NFL where they will show live programs daily with NFL analysts discussing about NFL news and on-demand highlights along with Periscope streams live before kickoff.

Twitter will also live stream the women’s sport WNBA as they will be broadcasting about 20 games in next 3 seasons which will not be telecasted on TV. MLB as well as PGA will also continue their deal to feature Twitter content such as 360-degree video in The Players Championship. Twitter will also be broadcasting 1,500-hours eSports content covering most of the key events including eLeague semifinals as well as finals. Apart from these agreements, Twitter has also signed another deal with Bloomberg to live stream their contents 24/7. BuzzFeed News has already been hosting a number of events such as morning news on this platform and they will also report on latest tweets as well as memes.

Twitter will also stream a pre-show as well as behind the scenes of MTV Movie and TV Awards. They will also stream BET Awards, IMG Fashion Week, MTV Video Music Awards, Live Nation concerts, etc. All this steps from Twitter will easily attract the Millennial who have turned online to get all the information without staying in front of TV. The advertisers will have a great chance to reveal their products through these broadcasts as they can easily target the audience.  The streaming deals from Twitter provide great opportunities for the social media users well as their partners to reach a new level.

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