Sharing Tragic Events On Social Media

Breaking news are very important on the social media platform as it can easily generate more audience to your account. You must know what type of breaking news can be shared through your Twitter profile which must really be exciting as well as creative. It is always effective if you share a trending topic by relating it to your business, but you have to consider few important things proceeding. Always stay away from breaking news that is related to tragic incidents like death. But other trending events that are interesting can be shared through your profile event if it is not related to your business to attract more audience.

1. Reason for commenting- First you have to assess the reason behind your comments on the breaking news. In case you are using a tragic incident to share and promote your business, try to drop this plan. You can get good number of clicks while using this tactics, but it may create a negative impact on everyone. In case the breaking event is related to your brand, feel free to comment on it. Always handle tragic events carefully as it can affect your reputation on the entire social media platform. There is no way you can get away from even if you delete the post. If you are really planning to share the tragic incident on the social media platform as a tribute, avoid using your brand name or even a logo related to your business.

2. Using your brand name- This is also a very important step to consider which must be decided before commenting about the breaking news. You have to decide why you want to comment through your business profile whether it is for promotion or to create awareness among the social media users. Try to understand whether this comment would do any good or bad to your reputation. If at all you really want to share the tragic information, avoid using your brand logo or other things related to it as you must not see this as a promotional event. Also avoid using hashtag along with the logo while sending a tribute message on the social media like Twitter.

3. Related to your profile- This is the final option that must be considered while sharing breaking news from your social media profile. Try to assess the event to know whether you can anyway connect your social profile with it. You must know whether the breaking information is related to a business or personal profile before sharing it. You have to comment on the matter immediately if the news is related to your brand as everyone in your group will be expecting something from you. Tragic events are always not the right opportunity to improve your business as it can completely spoil your reputation which cannot be achieved back. A simple and non-branded comment can be the best option if you really want to show respect to the tragic event.

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