Twitter To Revive With New Features

In recent times, Twitter has been facing tough competition even though the growth of the new user has been average. This has made Twitter to revive itself to move ahead on this social platform. Here are few things that have been made by Twitter to boost themselves.

1. Simplify and improve the product- There has been a decline in user growth on Twitter which has caused lot of confusion. Twitter had decided to highlight some of the important things on this social platform. By introducing the option ‘Moments’, users are able to discover most relevant tweets. ‘Moments’ helps to filter all the junk things in Twitter and present only refined result for its users about a particular trending topic. This was considered to be a very interesting update from Twitter which was announced few months before, but it failed to get massive growth as expected by the company.

2. Maximizing your video- In Twitter live-streaming has been a major part on this social platform which has received more attention from the audience. Other social media platform such as Facebook have been using this live-stream option very effectively and Twitter is doing something same with the video streaming option. Twitter also signed a new agreement with NFL for live-streaming Football matches which were a very interesting move from this social media giant. This led other similar social media to look for a same kind of agreement, but the selection of sports coverage was difficult.

3. Encourage the creators- Twitter has been failing to reach out to the people who support them to be more creative. In recent times, many executive from Twitter have move to other platforms to get noticed by bigger audience. Twitter has introduced lot of new measures that would make themselves work with their creative executives. Vine owned by Twitter is also known to be facing lot of problems lately and this has made Twitter to create new things on both this social media such as Vine loops.

4. Ensure users safety- The most important thing that Twitter is dealing at present is to fight harassment on this social media platform. According to Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter noted that they have been facing lot of issues in dealing with trolls. Twitter had also announced about introducing a new verification process that is expected to be a part of their development program. When all the users get verified in Twitter, there are chances to limit the attacks. The people will get linked to the Twitter account with their real name and personal information that would make it much safer place to be.

5. Relationship With development community- Twitter has been facing problems with its development community which has led them to introduce new tools and options. They are also planning to introduce new apps that would give stiff competition to other similar tools. The ‘Dashboard’ app is part of this program that helps the users to track keywords and take action against mentions.

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