Most Powerful Features For Twitter Users

Twitter has been playing a very important role in everyone life in the present world. In the last few years, the social media giant has made lot of improvements in their features. They have some of the most important changes in their features that can support the users to get most of it. Make a complete report about using all the following features to make most of it and it can help all the general Twitter users as well as business people. By taking the perfect step in Twitter, it is possible to attract most of the people to your profile and it can also help to promote your brand. The most powerful features that can be used by the Twitter users to get advantage of the social media platform can be seen below.

1. Twitter lists- One of the important feature that is not being used by the people on this social media platform is Twitter lists. The Twitter lists will help to achieve more followers without doing much research. List out the people based on various things such as tweets, topics and events. Twitter lists will become a very important feature if it is used in a perfect way by the people.

2. Twitter analytics- This is another feature that contains a dashboard where you can get a complete insights of Twitter profile. You can use this feature to see follower demographics, engaged tweets and more. Try to use the Twitter analytics at least three times in a month to track your trends and understand the Twitter community.

3. Twitter embeds- It is one of the best feature to find the right people to follow and get engagement. You must prepare the content in such a way that people will get attracted to it. Twitter had placed this option in their timeline located at the sidebar on the website. Use all the embed options to connect with your audience and make them to access your Twitter account to get more information.

4. Tweetdeck- Twitter has been used by all the business related people to get the real time news. Tweetdeck is one of the applications that is part of Twitter which can be used to create different columns to filter your conversations related to a particular users or hashtags.

5. Twitter video- Twitter videos are usually created with Twitter app and they play a very important role in attracting people to your Twitter account. Using video to promote your product can be the best choice when compared to using all the 140 characters to send a tweet. You can create a professional video for uploading it in Twitter along with its description to make more people to view it.

6. Pinned tweet- When a person enter your Twitter account, they will first see the pinned tweet. The engagement received through pinned tweet is considered to be higher than the normal tweet as the pinned tweet has the capacity to be viewed regularly.

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