TweetDeck Gets Live-Stream Notification From Twitter

Twitter has included a new feature to its special tool TweetDeck known as build live-stream viewership. This live-stream notification will help the people who have a great Periscope streams and Twitter will send a notification whenever they get live. Twitter has announced few important details about its live content which includes NFL, Bloomberg and more. The live-streaming is expected to feature high signal-to-noise ratio, but the social media platforms must have higher level to broadcast a quality content to attract more audience. Twitter is planning to cover more audience and sign up more notifications to such content by boosting the viewership. This will also increase the popularity of this social media platform with improved flow-on effects to the live-streaming process more generally.

Twitter has been depending more on this live-streaming option as they are expecting it to be a great success. This social media company is also working along with Apple to improve the Periscope Apple TV service that would help the users to view the Twitter live content just on TV. Periscope has also made an announcement that their broadcasters can see when the people will follow their broadcast. The TweetDeck has also got other updates such as adding location along with date filters in the search options. The search tools can be easily used in TweetDeck search option and people will be able to choose their desired date range in the ‘Content’ field. The location filter is also available with new cool map in its section that is really a very unique feature in it.

Adding new updates to TweetDeck is known to be a very interesting move from Twitter as it will help to attract the people who are using other third party applications such as Hootsuit to manage their Twitter content. By making this important move, Twitter has been planning to make the users to stay on the same platform for a long time with all this new and updated features. This can also help to make more audience to stay on Twitter for a long time and help them to connect with others very easily with all the ad options.

There are many options that are not present in TweetDeck are available in other similar tools. But there are also few special tools available in Twitter is not present in other tools that makes it interesting. Twitter has been regularly planning to develop their social media platform and trying to increase its users count. All these useful improvements made by Twitter is expected to take them to a new level and show the people how they have been working to change their platform to get have a better connection along with its audience. Even though Twitter has been a step behind when compared to all other tools that have been already using these type of features, but with all these improvements they are taking the right step towards success and may reach to new level very soon.

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