Update Twitter Profile For Mobile Devices

Most of the Twitter users normally use a mobile device to keep in touch their followers. There are few ways to optimize the Twitter profile specially for the mobile phone views. By following this you will be able to make you Twitter more friendly to the mobile users. According to report, more people use Twitter from their mobile as it is possible to access the social media platform from any place. The Twitter users from the mobile device have been increasing day by day, so it is important to make the profile easily visible to every mobile user. There are ways to optimize your Twitter profile for normal users and if you want to get more followers through mobile device it is important to optimize it in other ways. Having a completely different Twitter profile which has been specially optimized for the mobile device will be helpful in getting more engagements with people on the social media platform.

1. Logo and color scheme- Try to use the same logo and color scheme which is in your website in the Twitter profile. This will make the audience to recognize both your Twitter and website belongs to you. The people will also know what information they can expect from your profile.

2. Designing your images- The images used on the header and in your Twitter profile must be unique which will make them easily recognizable by everyone. Try to present yourself in a creative way and it must represent your brand if you are having a company account in Twitter. If you use the header image which is wide will not be easily viewable in the mobile devices, so try to design them in a proper way. Adding a profile image is very important in Twitter as most of the mobile apps will only show the image used in Twitter account and not the username. If you are having a business account in Twitter, just use the company logo in your profile picture and those who have a personal account they can use their own picture.

3. Updating your bio- Twitter allows us to use 160 characters for describing about your business, so try to use maximum words that must say about your company as well. Be very clear while describing your business and also highlight the unique things that will help the people to recognize as well as follow you. Use keywords along with hashtags in the bio which will make your profile easily visible among the audience looking for related to your products.

4. Looking your profile in mobile devices- Look at your profile in various mobile devices as each one will display your Twitter profile in different way. In case you are not able to test the Twitter profile on various mobile devices, try to use some of the tools for testing purpose. The tools will help you to select the best screen resolution suitable for the mobile device with few simple steps.

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