Making Twitter Significant For Its Users

Twitter has been known to be the most referred social media channel, but the problem is it has been used by only few people. But Twitter never fails to introduce new features due this problem as it has introduced another new option called as Explore tab where people will be able to find best tweets and it will be replacing the Moments tab. The Explore option has been introduced as a new solution to attract more users to this platform as you can see live video, Moments as well as trending content in a single tab. According to Twitter the tests made on this new tab had shown better results as it will highlight best tweets available on this channel. Twitter has been one of the biggest resources to find trending news as well as the content and this new tab will be able to offers a basic search tool. Twitter has also has so much to offer for its users as they can have a real-time conversations with other users on this channel. This social media channel has so many options along with good content that is not available in any other social platform.

Most of the people reach to Twitter only through their mobile device and some of the features can be changed to attract more people to use Twitter. Once you introduce new options such as Explore tab in Twitter, it will be able to reach to more new users with good tweet conversations which will increase Twitter’s value and motivate more people to use Twitter in a genuine way. By doing this it is possible to increase engagement in Twitter for all its users. Another way to make Twitter more significant to its users is by personalizing the trends which is not been updated or targeted to reach more people on this platform. According to Twitter CEO they can use other new option where users can detect top most trending hashtags on the network before highlighting them for better use. Twitter can also improve ‘Who to follow’ options by recommending profile and the tweets made by them. Till now the ‘Who to follow’ feature is left unfocused most of the made on Twitter is related to marketing and social media.

Apart from this, Twitter can highlight the top tweets made by its users that would help them to have good screen space among the other users present on this social media platform. The ads can be more focused as well as relevant to the topic if Twitter plans to improve its targeting options in other sections which are really an important part of this social media. But we are yet to see how these small changes in Twitter could make Twitter experience very much engaging as they will be providing links to the content that is really expected by the users. Even though this is no easy to achieve, Twitter can just use all these options to make it more engaging to existing users.

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