Social Trends For Marketers

There are few important trends that can help to make your business perform better and you will also know how the audiences are making use of social media to reach your brand. Some of these following trends are really interesting that can help to understand your consumer on the social media platform.

1. Twitter with engaged users- Twitter has been in the news for getting attention of new users which has been really impressive. The study shows that most of the consumers have joined Twitter in the last six months which is really amazing than the previous report. The engagement levels in the Twitter users have increased rapidly when compared to previous records. It is important to know the right profile to follow on the social media channel like Twitter which will help to generate more engagement and also make sure that your tweet is focused mainly related to your brand.

2. Tweets every day- The tweets are read by most of the people on regular basis and even most of the shows trend the tweets that are popular among the users. TV audiences have been exposed to social media channel like Twitter on daily basis with the tweeting idea. The advertisers on television also support the audience and convert them in form of right tweets. Don’t forget to give viewers a unique hashtag to distinguish your brand.

3. Users following brands- This is really an interesting thing to know as many social media people are interested in following the brands. By doing this it is possible to get the right information related to brand they are following. This kind of behavior has been increasing respectably on the social media channels and this trend is expected to continue in the same way. As a brand try to give away special offers for the audience on the social media channel and attract the audience in large numbers to follow your business profile. Make sure to provide new offers which can help to reach the audience very easily.

4. Daily offers- According to few report the social media users are not likely to follow the daily offers. The users looking for daily offers are less in numbers and most of them only like to reach the offers that are available occasionally. Promoting your offers on weekly or monthly basis will grab attention from the users on the social media platform.

5. Less user interaction- Even though most of the user follow the popular brands, the interaction is very less. There are few people who can interact to reach the audience on the social media platform, but it is limited as it is done only by the newly introduced brand.

6. User activity- The user activity of checking new offers have been less as most of them don’t want to share their information on the social media channels. So the brands can start location-based social marketing for reaching the audience and even offer special discounts.

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