Few More Options From Twitter To Fight Abuse

Few months back there was an announcement from Twitter’s Ed Ho, the VP of Engineering that they are taking a big step to stop abuse on this platform. The first option in dealing with this problem was not so engaging even though there were new tools introduced such as temporary restrictions and hiding abusive contents. Now we have more options to control abuse on Twitter that is really the most engaging step taken by this social media channel.

1. Twitter will be using their policy to limit the badly behaved users by simply limiting the tweet reach for some time on this social media platform. According to Twitter, they have been looking for accounts when they get into abusive behavior even if it is not getting reported. Some of the Twitter account functionality will also be reduced based on the abuse and making the tweets visible only for those particular account followers. From the announcement of the first step in dealing with abuses on this platform Twitter has been sending notifications to people about disciplinary action. Twitter has been using algorithms to identify the abusive behavior and they have not revealed the exact detail about how they are using with this restriction.

2. The filtering options in Twitter is also being developed further which will help the users to manage their content as well as the notifications on this social platform. A new option called as advanced filter is also available for the users who can select mute notifications based on the people whom they don’t want to follow, people with default avatar, people without any confirmed email and phone number. This is really one of the most important parts of Twitter where it will remove junk notifications. It will help to curb with the people who start a new account after getting banned from Twitter due to abusive behavior. Apart from this Twitter is also been developing new options like they can mite few words in the notifications. This was released last year where the users can mute some of the words in their timeline for some time.

3. The latest announcement in their step to deal with abuse is increased transparency. There are reports that the users complaints have been ignored on Twitter which is really important for them to handle. This is really an important way to increase engagement on this social media platform. Online abuse has been one of the most important things that need to be addressed by Twitter and this is also the main reason for their decline. Even though there is no major solution for dealing with all such problems on the social media channels, Twitter has been coming with new ideas to control all types of abuses. Twitter has not been just running away from these problems, instead they are trying address and even solve it with the introduction of all these tools. We have to just wait to see any more changes made by Twitter to stop online abuse.

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