Moments Analytics Introduced From Twitter

Moments analytics from Twitter has been introduced which is considered to be an interesting tool that can be used to see the stats related to the Moment created by the user such as likes, opens shares and more. With all these options the users will be able to see how their Moments have been performing. With these steps, Twitter is expected to increase the Moments user growth. Moments were first introduced to the user in 2015 and it was expected to be a bigger step taken by Twitter to give a new viewing experience for the tweets. It is also a feature that will make the Twitter non-users easy to use it. Moments was expected to make the tweet content view on a full-screen along with perfect format that would attract the younger users.

Everything about Moments was known to be attractive when it was launched, but slowly there were few problems that started to rise affecting this features popularity. During its introduction, the Moments feature was only available for the Twitter’s curation team as well as its partners. This made it very difficult to use for the general users as they were only able to view the stories and not able to tell their own on this social media channel. It was really a bad step taken by Twitter while introducing Moments features to its users. Due to this only few people used Moments even though its tab was available in the Twitter app. Only in late 2016, Twitter was able to remove this option and made Moments available for all the users. But months later, Twitter also tried to change Moments completely and it was replaced with a new tab called as ‘Explore’ that was expected to merge Moments in it.

The introduction of Explore’ tab shows that Moments has not been able to reach to the users as Twitter would want it to. But Twitter has been introducing new tools and features that would make it really interesting for the users. It is still not revealed properly by Twitter whether it an add-on or another important Twitter features. We are still yet to see how this new analytics from Twitter would work among the users, but there can be a way to make it really interesting. The users will be able to be embedded Moments and share it on Twitter which is really an interesting features to attract the users.

The new analytics option can be interesting for the users to test Moments once again which would give a good insight about how to use it in the right way. As all the Twitter users will be able to use Moments analytics on this platform and also look at how their favorite Moments has been performing. In spite of Moments tab available in the Twitter app, there is less number of users to it. With this additional option, the Moments feature is expected to get more momentum that will make it more popular among users.

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