Steps To Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is one of the best source to improve your website ranking and there are steps to optimize your Twitter profile to increase its ranking as well. There are few tactics that can be used to increase the ranking of your Twitter profile without even getting suspended from Google. Once you have reached correct desired ranking, there are tools that can help to find the relevant market leads related to your business. Many people usually follow the method that is available in Google search engine, but it can be helpful only for a short period of time. Here are few things that can help to optimize your Twitter profile to increase its ranking.

1. Boost your tweets- one of the best way if to increase the number of tweets. It is always important to tweet on regular basis. Even if you don’t know have any good content to tweet, it is not a problem as you must just tweet something. Having more tweets in your account can get attention from other and once you have reached more than 5000 tweets it will get attention from Google. Once you have attracted Google authority, now you must continue tweeting with good contents.

2. Re-tweeting- This is known to be the best way to optimize the Twitter account and many follow this method. When you retweet, it is considered to get more value from Google when compared to a general tweet. Make sure to develop a structure with your retweets to make other users familiar with your Twitter account. The retweets can also help in getting more followers and at the same time you can also get the Twitter profile optimized with it.

3. Update your profile- This is a very simple step which includes adding photo to your Twitter account and more. Always use the keywords that define your profile name and this will be used for indexing by google. Apart from this you must also update your Twitter account header image and if required you can also change the background to add more professional appearance to your Twitter profile. Updating your profile with all these things can provide additional support while getting your Twitter profile optimized from Google.

4. Hashtags- Always use the hashtags while sending a tweet from your Twitter account which is also the best way to get the profile optimized. Even though Google is not known to look for your hashtags, it is the best way to use the keyword related hashtags. Don’t use any other method to optimize your Twitter profile as Google can ban your account permanently.

Most of the people usually don’t have an idea about increasing their profile ranking in Google and all those people can follow this simple technique. Never use other tricks in order to get the Twitter profile optimized as they can lead your account to a bad state from where it cannot be recovered. Also decide about the things that need to be done after the optimizing process.

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