How To Make Use Of Twitter Search Effectively

Twitter search is one of the option in this social media platform that can be used to get some real-time information about a particular niche around the world. There are few tools that have been used by many people all around the globe for searching in Twitter. It is possible to follow a particular search term with the help of these tools. Here are few simple things that can help in making your Twitter search more interesting without using these tools. By using the Twitter search you will be able to get all the latest information related to a particular topic and stay updated.

1.  Up-to-speed news- One of the most prominent way to get the latest news in the social networking world is by following the social networking search. By doing this you will be able to get the latest updates about the social media.

2. People not discussing directly about you- It is also possible to look for people who talk about you indirectly. You can easily look for the people who talk about you, but they will not reply to your post.

3. Looking for mentions in twitter profiles- You can also find the mentions as well as replies that refer your account or post in many twitter profiles. You can get all the information about the mentions in one place by using the Twitter search.

4. People reaction about competitors- This is one of the best options that can be helpful for the business people. You can also know what the competitors are discussing in Twitter and also the peoples response to them.

5. Follow links- It is important to follow the links and share them in Twitter. But most of the people just follow the links and don’t want to know what people are saying about it in the social media platform.

6. Latest information about a post- Twitter search can also be used to find out the latest information about a particular topic with the help of hashtags. If you know the product name try to use it in the search box. But you must know that the search results will have identical tweets. It is also possible to search for topics without a retweet by using the name of the search item.

7. Shared pictures- It is also possible to look for the shared pictures with the help of Twitter search. You can easily follow every picture shared by the people in their tweet and it can be done by just searching in Twitter.

Tweetdeck is one of the most important tool that have been specially introduced to search things in Twitter. You can get multiple results at the same time during a search. Seesmic is also another tool that is used for searching and you can get the details about multiple twitter profiles in a single panel. But you can also use the Twitter search to look for the important keywords related to a particular topic.

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