Issues Faced By Users In Twitter

Twitter has been one of the widest used social media that can be used in many ways. But there are few things that have been affecting most of the people like few posts can be helpful for some part of the people and the same can affect others. There are also few issues that are difficult to understand for many. The following are few tweeting issues faced by most of the people in Twitter which also leads to arguments.

1. Link to log- You must post a link in your blog which must lead to your Twitter post. It is like promoting yourself with the help of blogs. Many people will not subscribe to the website directly, but it is possible to make them see your blog post.

2. Be grateful to retweets- You can show your gratitude by just thanking the people those retweet to your posts. This will make them happy and thy will regularly try to retweet to your posts. It can also make the follow you or even bring out more followers.

3. Keep updated- Make sure to update your posts on regular basis. It is also possible to schedule your tweets by using tools that have been specially developed to do this. This will show your presence in the social media platform.

4. Followers- There is no need to foe any concerns if someone doesn’t follow you.  Even if you are following a Twitter account, don’t expect them to follow back. It is not possible to make everyone follow your account unless you have able to post some interesting things that look attractive to most of the people.

5. Retweets- Try to retweet if you only feel that a post is interesting and don’t waste your time on sending retweets more. You can use the RT button to send a reply to the tweet and make sure to keep it really simple.

6. Discussing about a single topic- Most of the people want to read something new in the Twitter posts, so it is better to discuss many topics than posting related to the same content every time. Try to maintain a variation in your posts to attract more number of users. If possible you can change your topic occasionally by posting a different thing in the middle of same topic.

7. Personality- Many people are confused whether they have to discuss about their personal life. This can be done only if you are a celebrity to gain more attention from the people. Most of them normally use Twitter a communication tool and discussing about personal things can be omitted.

8. Tweeting in time- Before deciding about starting a discussion in Twitter, try to select the time to tweet during the peak hours. To do this you must first select the time zone in which you want to attract the people. You must also know the time in which the content you are going to post is discussed more in Twitter.

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