Twitter Search Results Changed

Twitter has made some changes to its search results and the way it displays the results. Till now we were known that search results in Twitter were shown in reverse chronological order and it has been changed to display by relevance. This important change is expected to be happening in search results in the previous few months. But there were no official announcement from Twitter about this change until now. With this change, Twitter is expected to show the search results based on engaging tweets whereas it has been showing the recent tweets before changed came into effect. The retweet as well as like counts will be more after the search result changes.

According to Lisa Huang, the software engineer from Twitter says this process of changing have been under training stage and they have been planning to make the search result related to engagement. This is a very difficult process as they will be getting more engagement due to the results shown will be Tweets based only on the engagements. If you are using the Twitter search and the results shows a tweet featuring 4 re-tweets it will be seen by many people through search making it more re-tweets. The relevant search results will be seen in the search results, but it will not get the exposure it requires. Twitter has been looking to solve this problem by using various engagement methods on their platform.

This important change is considered to be a challenging task for most of the marketers and it would also give an opportunity to improve their brand name. The business will have an additional option to create an exposure for the tweets as the search results will be based on the engagement only. With this the best tweets will get exposed easily and have a long life because it will be appearing in the search results related to the particular topic whenever the search is made. Creating engaging tweets is not easy for everyone, but with this new option you have to produce best tweets to make it reach to the Twitter users. It has already become a useful option for most of the Twitter marketers and this change can add lot more importance of creating engaging tweets among the users.

We are yet to see the results of traffic it the tweet gets after this search result changes. According to Twitter, it gets about 2.1-billion queries a day in the search option as most of the people use it to get various information on this social media platform. This actually shows that there are many users who are looking for valuable information in Twitter by using the search option. The search activity is really very high in Twitter as it can offer some of the most valuable and engaging tweets. We are yet to see the results of this change made by Twitter in the search option and how the users get benefitted with it especially the businesses.

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