Vine Turns Into A Camera App

The announcement for closure of Vine app was made by Twitter last October and there were lot of discourage from most of its users. Some of them also expected Twitter to update this video app than just closing it completely. Although there were many speculations that Twitter would not close Vine actually and would be available for the users. But now Twitter officially announced that they will be closing this app in January and not fully as the users can still download their Vines using the latest tool that would make their process easy. The new tool that will be available from January will be called as Vine Camera that will not only allow the user to download the video, but they can even start creating 6-second videos that can be posted directly in Twitter and even save it to your mobile.

Now it is confirmed that Vine will not be completely shutdown by Twitter, but most of its features will not be available for its users. Some of the most important features in this app will be removed which includes profiles, Vine effects as well as saved Vines. You will also not have an option to edit the video once it gets uploaded in Twitter which makes it a less interesting app. Even though all the existing videos can be seen in the vine website till it fully gets converted into a Vine Camera tool making it only viewable and downloadable. So if you are planning to download the vine videos, try to do it before January after which it will not be possible. Those who want to transfer their Vine followers to Twitter, it is not possible so you will see a prompt in your Vine account that would help to connect easily to your Twitter profile.

It is yet to see how this new option from Vine will works till we get a glimpse of this camera app. Vine was actually introduced as a video platform and was able to attract more people during the first time. It faced a major setback when most of the users started to leave this platform and began to use other similar apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. The newly introduced apps also allowed people to upload videos more than 6-seconds which was able to attract more users and the usage of Vine started to decrease. Twitter also failed to update the features in this app which led to its downfall. Now we have to wait and see how the new option from Vine will work among the people on the social media platform.

Using Vine as a camera app can be interesting, but without the feature of editing and adding color effects can make it less attractive. It was now work as a separate service and all the users can post their videos into Twitter without using Vine. The team of Vine also thanked all the people in its community for the last time going out of service.

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