Improving Business With Simple Twitter Features

Twitter has been known to be a useful tool for th development of any business. It is possible to have a real time conversation with most of the people on this social media platform. Even though most of its features have been used for improving a business, some of the simple features have been left behind by many people. The features that are not considered to benefit the business can easily help to reach out more number of people. Twitter Events is one of such feature that can be used only by those who have Twitter ads. Just create your own campaign to see the number of audience who has been part of the event. You can just enter into the conversation related to your business and make them participate into your event. Here are few features that are not used regularly by the business people.

1. Twitter collections- This is one of the feature that can make a content more interesting that can be shared with the followers. This feature helps you to highlight particular tweets which can be seen on the clean list. Twitter Collections are normally embedded with the help of URL that can be easily shared. You can use the tool such as Tweetdeck to create your own collections.

2. Twitter lists- This is used for the sake of grouping your Twitter users to curate the timelines. The Twitter lists are useful in arranging the people to follow you and it is also perfect to get more following as well as improve social media connection. The Twitter lists can be created into two types such as public and private depending upon your choice. Apart from these features it also has many benefits such as you can curate the lists as per topic, see all the tweets, make your own resource list and also thanking your lists to get engaged with the customers.

3. Featured tweets- Social media is mainly used to develop a leadership as well as trust and it can be done with these featured tweets. I is possible to select the tweets that need must be featured without media. You can also use the tweets that share the links to your posts.

4. Photo collages- It is possible to create multi image tweet in Twitter which allows about 4 photos in a single post. But you must upload the images in the order that will appear on your posts. Try to resize the images before it gets uploaded in the post.

5. Gallery- You can use the Twitter dashboard to create your own gallery for the media tweets and it is usually seen on top of the profile. Try to use the tweets that have been sent and also the tweets that have been mentioned in. This will help to make the visitors to know more about you within few tweets. People usually look for a good presentation in Twitter to get involved in a conversation.

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