New Tool From Twitter To See Registration Info

Twitter has announced an automated system to play a part in the Presidential Election and the new system would help the people to add the voice. If anyone sends a DM to @Gov account in Twitter along with 5-digit zip code, they will be able to receive automatic DM response and it will also feature deadline for voter registration along with personalized link that can be used to register. This new system works along with a partnership from Rock the Vote and reach out to voters especially young people to make them vote during the upcoming election. The program will also raise awareness among the people and motivate them to participate in it through voting. Twitter will be able to answer questions from the voters with the help of Information Civic API from Google and Voting Information Project from Pew. The questions would feature details related to polling place location, ballot information and more through @Gov account.

Twitter is also planning to support the people who have registered with a tweet using #iRegistered hashtag that will feature election emoji with a link for getting the registration details after clicking on it. Twitter is also planning to increase the number of voter participation using the new registration tool and the test results showed the people who received informational message voted in the same percentage when compared to the people who didn’t see the message. The people who were able to see the message with images were likely to select the voted button and also head directly to polls. Google has also introduced same type of option to make people to participate in the polls by voting and the information related to the voting is available in English as well as Spanish.

The automated response Twitter tool can be used to connect with people and this is almost similar to the tools placed by other countries that give the relevant details for the users through a simple tweet. But Twitter is not expecting to highlight the new tools function to compete with other social media platforms. According to a report, most of the customer service needs are attended on the social media such as Twitter which makes this process much easier and the customers can easily interact easily by sending a DM as well as tweet. Twitter app such as Jelly which was introduced with an updated feature recently also helps the users to questions through a tweet without logging into it.

All these features are from Twitter is far behind when compared to the options available in other similar social media platform such as Facebook, but Twitter has been working hard to create AI capacity similar to Facebook. This really makes sense that Twitter is expecting to underline its power with the automated responses to provide wide range of customer service option. Whether Twitter is successful in making its new tool accessible for people will only be seen after when the polls end.

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