New Action Buttons With Bot Options

Twitter has been introducing many additional tools to be active with bot trend even though they have not made any bots to support customer service. A new bot has been revealed by Twitter that will not use machine learning as it features new ways to automate the customer engagement. The tool is like a buttons in the messages that helps the users to act from outside their direct message chat. Twitter has given a number of options for using this new tool in the more effective way. With this tool you will be able to tweet related to your bot for interactive promotion. Once you have started a direct message bot thread, the brands can easily get connected with the users on Twitter. There will be buttons that will take your web links into native browser in your Twitter app. This new option is also expected to support the brand to include new followers with their promotion and it will give additional boost to their contest.

The tool will also allow you to begin a conversation using a different profile related to your brand. This can be the best option for those who want to provide a good customer service with different social media profiles. The brands will be helpful with this option as they use separate Twitter profiles for their various products. The users can include 3 buttons in their message which will be used to access the URL within a Twitter app. Brands will also be able to customize their call-to-action text in the button and you can also use the emojis. In recent times, Twitter has revealed a number of new bot tools such as welcome messages, new ads and quick replies that will start a bot interaction. This will help the users to stay connected with the brand and make the brands to use Twitter as major part of customer service option. Twitter is expected to come into a position that will make them more successful in attracting the major sources and they can stay active without using any other options.

One of the major advantage of using the Twitter new bots is you can easily access to major sources without using any special technologies. There are also other social media channels that offer same type of options, but they must be used along with other third party tools. But Twitter bot is really simple that can be more constraint and enable the brands to enter into bot trend during the right time. Adding buttons on your messages will be available for all versions of Twitter applications such as desktop, iOS and Android. Twitter is really taking new steps to attract a number of users to its platform. Mainly the brands will get benefitted with all these additional tools. Twitter will let the users to tweet the score and increase their promotion ways from the direct messages. This will really make Twitter a new experience for the brands.

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