Things To Do While Live-Streaming On Twitter

Live-streaming can be used as an important of social marketing strategy. The video used on live-streaming is considered as a content on various social platforms which has capacity to attract more people. Twitter has been giving additional preference to make live content more attractive for the viewers. There are few things that must be considered while considering live-streaming on Twitter as a part of your social marketing strategy. Some of the following steps that can be useful for those who want to start a live-streaming process on Twitter. Streaming a good content can be a difficult process which is the best part of a marketing strategy, but you can get more benefits out of it if you are really using an attractive video content.

1. Create an excitement- Try to publish information about your live-streaming before starting it on the social media channel. This will help your audience to know that you are going to live-stream content on the social media channel and create an expectation. You can also share the information on your group list in the social media profile. Try to share the details with a number of audiences on the social media platform which can help to get more engagement and promote your message to the users.

2. Start your process- Before starting your live-streaming make sure everything is set up in a perfect way. There are few things that must be set up before the live-streaming such as testing the quality of your audio, use a steady hand camera or phone. Twitter will not have any information about the viewer’s expectation about the performance of the video.

3. Using periscope- Periscope introduced a new tool called as Periscope Producer that helps the broadcasters to stream the content direct in Periscope through a number of devices including cameras, desktop streaming and many more. The video creators can also share a broadcast element such as graphics and even record the video in a higher resolution. Twitter will be opening live API that will give more opportunity for the users to stream good quality content through Periscope.

4. Select the best broadcast title- This will help the viewers to know what the video is all about and make sure that the broadcast title has some contents related to your video content. The broadcast title will help the viewers to find the right content and have the right kind of expectation. You can also get connected with the viewers by selecting the most suitable broadcast title for your content.

5. Get viewer’s attention- While playing your video on Twitter stream try to connect with the people viewing your video which is really important. Also make sure that your start time of the video is not much longer and try to begin the video live-streaming with a countdown. You must decide how to get the viewers attention with the video content and also consider what type of content would attract more people to the video.

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