Twitter Updates Its Video Options

Most of the social media platforms in the present day are having a very huge the video consumption rates which include Facebook, snapchat and others. But Twitter has been staying behind in this matter as the users are known to have less consumption rate related to videos on this social media platform. Now Twitter has been planning to introduce new options to improve its video efforts which include a number of features.

1. Increase in video limits- Earlier Twitter allowed its users to post only 30 seconds video and now they have announced that the users can upload up to 140 seconds video. Not only this, the select publishers can upload 10 minutes video. The increase in video limit is a very massive effort from Twitter that would attract many users to use this option. Twitter is all set to take advantage on this new feature that would support the people to share a lengthy video content in this platform.

2. Engaging creators- Twitter has also introduced a new feature to support the creators to ahead of the mentions. Twitter has announced that it is aware of the creators activity and it is important to recognize them. Twitter has introduced a new Amplify Open program that would support the creators with some of the monetization options. The Vine monetization is expected to see all the pre-roll ads available in the Vine and about 70% of revenue will be available for the creators. The ‘Engage’ app introduced by Twitter will be helpful for the users to have a complete record about the tweet mentions which would help them in understanding their followers interests. Engage app can be used to know the important updates as well as interactions from the Twitter audience which includes new followers as well as mentions.

3. Watch Mode- This is the last update about Twitter video which is called as the ‘Watch Mode’. This option will highlight the similar content related to your viewing that would help to improve video consumption on this platform. While tapping on the video Tweet in the Twitter timeline, it is possible to view the video on the full screen which really works in the real-time angle in Twitter. This will help in providing a function that is similar to the Mentions, but with a particular video.

Al these options are expected to be very interesting, but to know how much impact they have on the users is yet to be known. Even though Twitter failed to stay with the present trend when it comes to videos, they have been able to boost the video options further when compared to other medial platforms. The increase the video limit in Twitter can be very much useful for the influencing users. Apart from personal users, the brands will also get attracted to this new updates from Twitter that will help them reach out to more customers efficiently. So the Twitter users can enjoy this new development in Twitter from now.

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