Attract Leads With Remarketing Ads In Twitter

Remarketing of ads in Twitter can help you to achieve more leads without spending too much money. In Twitter you can use the Twitter cards as well as ads to remarket it to your present customers. Remarketing is the best way to make the people to purchase your product by engaging with your service. The following are few things that can help to use the remarketing ads for reaching to your customer.

1. Using tags in Twitter- Try to attach the Twitter ad along with the website which will help others to see the ad and it will also reach the correct audience. To do this successfully, try to create Twitter tag for including it on the website. Go to settings gear in profile page of Twitter account and select Twitter Ads to see the dashboard. Then select conversion tracking option and open the option Create Your First Website Tag where you have to select the tag name as well as conversion type. Now select Tailored Audience for Remarketing Purposes option and create the tag button. You will get the code that must be inserted in your website. Those who are running a WordPress must install a separate tag code by following another method. You have to create an account in Google tag manager and you will get website ID. Then access your tag manager and select new before clicking on tag. Enter the name and select Custom HTML tag option. You will see the code that must be used in the WordPress. Try to use the Google Tag Manager plugin along with ID in your WordPress to track the account.

2. Remarketing to the right customer- You must always remarket to the people after selecting the right target and never use the same method on everyone on the social media channels. Try to create individual Twitter tags based on your popular pages. You have to create separate remarketing tags for each of your services and another individual tag featuring all the services. Also share your own message for the website page and convert them into leads while selecting the tags.

3. Select the type of Twitter Ad- You can use promoted tweets for your remarketing campaign don’t forget to share an image in the ad which will increase the visibility of your ad and also improve the click-through rate. There are 4 ways to remarket your ads in Twitter which includes basic app, image app, website and lead generation. Remarketing your ads on various social media platforms is the best method to achieve more leads in the present world. Twitter offer a new way of sharing your ads with the social media user to make it an important part in attracting the right targeted audience. You can simply use the promoted tweets to divide your targeted audience and share an image with the ads to increase your ROI. While including image in the ads, try to select the correct size of the picture.

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